13 + Greeting Conversation

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1.We’ve got your message! It won’t take longer than 24 hours for us to reply. Feel free to keep an eye on our FAQ page. Warm regards, [company] team.

2.Hi! Thanks for your interest in our offer. Actually, we have even more on the table 🤫. Drop us a message to learn the whole set of opportunities.

3.Welcome back! If you need any assistance to make the right decision, I am here to help as always.

4.Hi! We won’t be able to check our inbox until 9 AM. But please leave your query below and we will get back to you soon.

5.Gotcha! I see you are looking at our prices 👀. Send us a message, if you’d like our support angels to help you find the best subscription plan for your business.

6.Hey! Looking to improve your marketing performance? We have a one-stop guidebook for marketing professionals. Type in your email address, so we can send it to you free of charge.

7.Accept our warmest welcome! 🤗 While you are figuring out how to get the most out of our platform, please read these helpful articles to have a quick start with the tool.

8.Thanks for reaching out! We will look into your query during the next 24 hours. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our knowledge base.

9.Was it stars that brought you here again ✨? Whatever it was, I couldn’t be happier to help you choose the best product that perfectly suits your needs.

10.Hearty welcome to the club! We are happy to have you onboard and want to assure you know what the next step is. Here are some quick tips.

11.John, a little bird whispered that today is your birthday 🎁 We can’t stand aside on such an important day, so we are giving you a discount coupon JOHNBDAY30. Happy birthday!

12.Hello! Thank you for your message. Our customer success team will get back to you as soon as possible. For now, please visit our knowledge base with all the necessary information you might need for effective work.

13."Dually" means a double capacity, while "dully" means something is done in a boring manner. When spelled correctly, you can use "duly noted" in a formal speech in the meaning of simple acknowledgment of an opinion or action. That's why you also don't want to confuse "duly" with "dully," letting someone know you barely consider what they're saying.