65 Best Retirement Card Wishes Coworker

Visit:1272   Updated: 2023/03/09

1.I sincerely wish for you to have a retirement full of health and many joys.

2.Congratulations on your retirement. I know how hard you worked to get to this point.

3.Congratulations on your retirement. May your schedule be packed with new adventures and happy trails.

4.It’s your retirement. Treat yourself to something nice – like a day off for the rest of your life.

5.Retirement is a time to reflect on past successes and do the things that work always kept from doing.

6.Enjoy your retirement. You are now officially free to do anything you damn well please!

7.Now that you’re retired, think of me stuck in traffic while you sleep in every day.

8.In retirement, you can pretend you’re a teenager. Sleep all you want and party all the time.

9.Wishing you well on your retirement. You’ll finally get to experience how unemployed people live.

10.Don’t forget about us poor souls stuck in the office while you travel the world. Enjoy your retirement.

11.My wish for you is a blissful year of retirement for every year you were on the job – and then some!

12.I wish you the happiest retirement possible, filled with new adventures, lots of fun, and no more long commutes!

13.The freedom of retirement will be a shock at first, but you’re totally going to get used to it.

14.Retirement is the most incredible opportunity of all because you now have the time to pursue your passions.

15.Retirement is the transition from working for a living to living for your pure enjoyment.

16.Cheers on reaching your retirement date. I’m honestly so happy for you and wish you many years of health, happiness, and adventure.

17.What do retirees say? “Thank God it’s today.” Every day is Friday from here on out.

18.I’m genuinely excited for you upon your retirement because you earned every minute of the joys to come.

19.Retirement represents a new phase in your life where you’re certain to succeed just as much as you did at work.

20.When you get stressed out during retirement, just remember – “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow or any day after.”

21.After counting down the days until retirement, you can throw away your clocks and live in the moment.

22.You must be so happy to retire. Next time I visit, I expect your lawn to look perfect.

23.Retirement is the time for following your dreams. Today is the first day to start making all of them come true.

24.I suppose you have travel plans for retirement. But please don’t tell us about them because you’ll make us all jealous!

25.Since your retirement is official, you are officially no longer allowed to complain about work anymore!

26.The passions that you’ve left on the back burner get to be front and center now.

27.So happy to hear about your retirement. Feel free to call me when you need to know what day of the week it is.

28.The sweet fruits of your labor have finally ripened. May every day of your retirement be like biting into a fresh peach.

29.Retirement is the stage in life when you stop being excited for the weekend and start living the weekend every day.

30.At long last, you can take the trip, take the nap, and take the time to do what you want.

31.The stress of the past is behind you. Embrace the happiness that retirement will bring.

32.The fruits of your labor are yours to savor for the rest of your life.

33.Whenever you get bored during retirement, think about the worst day you ever had at work. You’ll feel better instantly.

34.No more slogging away at a desk for you. Retirement means you get to spend the rest of your life breathing fresh air and savoring every moment.

35.Congratulations on retiring! I hope that this next stage of life brings you meaning and a new sense of purpose.

36.Rumor has it you set a record for the oldest employee. Now you can work on setting the record for the most active retiree.

37.To my fantastic, newly retired friend, I’m confident that you’re entering the best chapter of your life.

38.Retirement is like a graduation, except that you have completed being an adult and get to revert to being a kid again.

39.For most of your life, retirement felt like a distant dream. Well, you’re living the dream now, and I hope you seize every moment of it.

40.Welcome to retirement. I’ve been waiting for you to join me in the tough life of doing whatever you want.

41.I wish you well on the exciting retirement journey ahead of you. You’ve made such a difference in the lives of so many.

42.No more customers. No more meetings. No more job evaluations. It’s all break time from here on out but with better coffee!

43.Your friendship and mentorship have made my life better. I sincerely hope that retirement brings all of the rewards that you deserve.

44.I’m going to be lost at work without you, but you already know that. Enjoy all of the happiness that retirement can bring.

45.Being retired will give you the time to contemplate the meaning of life – or not if that sounds like too much work.

46.I’m so thrilled for you now that you get to trade the rat race for a slower pace.

47.I wish you the best as you leave behind the world of work and get to be the true you all of the time.

48.Making it to retirement is a huge milestone in life, but I suspect you’ve got more achievements ahead of you. You are never one to let the grass grow under your feet!

49.Since the first day we met at work, I knew you would excel at retirement. You were so good at one that I’m sure you’ll handle act two with panache!

50.Well done on a fantastic career. You’ve proved that you can endure anything. Now you can begin a fulfilling second act!

51.Retirement puts the frustrations of working for a living behind you. It’s time to get busy relaxing and doing all of the things you’ve wanted to do for a long time.

52.If you’re looking for a new partner in crime now that you’re retired, I’m available.

53.You made many sacrifices to reach this milestone, but now life is all about you and what you want.

54.You have my utmost respect for working as hard as you did to reach retirement with so many accomplishments under your belt. Congratulations on your many years of success.

55.You were brilliant to work with, and we all will sorely miss you. I’m confident that you will quickly master your new retirement life as enthusiastically as you approached your career.

56.You work for YOU now and no one else. I’m sure you’ll be a great boss.

57.Congratulations on finishing the rat race! Now you can step off the track and casually stroll through the best years ahead.

58.As your work-life draws to a close, the possibilities of your glorious golden years open up before you.

59.You may not realize this yet, but you may never need to wake up to an alarm again. Enjoy sleeping in, or at least getting up at a leisurely pace!

60.You’re about to blossom into the most excellent version of yourself yet. We can’t wait to hear about the new you.

61.They will miss you at work, but you can still be fabulous full time for your friends and family.

62.You’ll be amazed at how busy you can be without a job. You’ll wonder how you ever found time to work. Enjoy every minute of it!

63.All your life, people told you to get a good job and work hard. Now, people are excited that you’re doing nothing. Just go with it.

64.At long last, you can stay busy enjoying yourself. I hope you’ll include me in your adventures.

65.Working at your side has been an honor. I am so proud of the stellar person you are and the tremendous positive influence you’ve had on me. Wishing you a retirement as fulfilling as your work has been.