48 Smart Birthday Wishes For Husband Funny

Visit:438   Updated: 2023/03/15

1.No matter how many new wrinkles you get, know that I will always love you! Happy birthday!

2.Happy birthday to the world’s toughest man. Well done, you have endured another year with me.

3.Happy birthday from the woman who will always be there for you, no matter how hard you snore.

4.Happy birthday to the man who’s always there for me, even when he’s hiding in the bathroom.

5.Here’s to another year of bickering, teasing, and falling more in love with you every day. Happy birthday, my dear husband!

6.Happy birthday from the woman who, no matter how angry you are, always forgives you.

7.Happy birthday! Forget about age, the important thing is that I will always be younger than you.

8.To the man who puts up with my quirks, flaws, and occasional bouts of insanity – happy birthday!

9.Happy birthday to the man who can make me laugh, cry and roll my eyes – all in the same conversation.

10.Happy birthday to the only person in the world who can make me both nervous and happy on the same day.

11.Happy birthday to the one who still makes my heart race…even when you leave your dirty socks on the floor.

12.On your birthday, I give you full permission to eat all the cake you want…as long as you share it with me.

13.May your birthday be filled with love, laughter, and a big cake (that I’ll probably eat most of). Happy birthday, my sweet and silly husband.

14.Happy birthday to the luckiest man in the world. Getting a woman like me is like winning the lottery.

15.Since today is your birthday, I give you permission to throw your socks wherever you want.

16.I wish you have more time for breakfasts in bed, dinners in restaurants, and exotic trips for your dear wife.

17.Here’s to another year of tolerating my quirks, my messes, and my weird obsessions. Happy birthday, my patient husband.

18.Congrats on surviving another year with me, dear husband. You deserve a medal…or at least a stiff drink.

19.On this birthday I would like to remind you that I shall always stick by you, oh dear husband. Whether you like it or not! I love you, happy birthday!

20.I’m so lucky to have a husband who can still make me laugh, even when he’s making me want to pull my hair out. Happy birthday, my hilarious partner.

21.On your special day, I promise to let you have the TV remote – for at least five minutes.

22.Happy birthday to my lovely husband! I went out to get a gift for you, but nothing came close to what a gift I am to your being! This gift is going to stick by you forever! Have a great day.

23.Happy birthday, husband! I know you are going to have a great today for I won’t bother you to clean after yourself today! This offer is just for today so go, have the time of your life! I love you.

24.It is your birthday! Time to go all crazy on that cake and sweets and enjoy to the fullest! Oh wait, isn’t that what you do every day though? Have a great day husband! Happy birthday.

25.It is your birthday and I would like to remind you that I deserve a treat. What for, you say? For tolerating you all these years, of course! Happy birthday, my love.

26.Happy birthday to my dear husband. Here is yet another chance is given by God for you to spend hours in front of the tv snacking! Your presence there on the sofa is ever so comforting for me!

27.Happy birthday to my amazing husband. God has given you yet another chance to get things done! You desperately needed it! The work isn’t going to get itself done! Let’s go, we can celebrate later!

28.Happy birthday to my beloved husband. On this day I want you to remember that you can always count on me to make you laugh and to laugh at you! Have a beautiful day.

29.Happy birthday to the best husband in the world. Well, maybe the second-best or third best? Wait, I need a moment to think about this! You’re somewhere on the list. Anyway, happy birthday love!

30.May this year be so successful that next year you spend all your time with your beloved woman.

31.Congratulations on another year of putting up with my crazy family, my insane pets, and my questionable cooking. You’re a true hero, my husband!

32.Happy birthday to my husband! With your birthday here, let’s welcome another year of me listening to you snore loud enough to wake up the whole house! I hope this turns out to be a great day!

33.Birthdays are a time for celebration. Since it is your birthday, why don’t you take me out for dinner to celebrate? I deserve a treat! Happy birthday, love! Let’s have an amazing day.

34.This birthday, I am giving you myself as a gift because who are we kidding, there is no better gift than me! Enjoy this gift for the rest of your life! I hope this turns out to be a great day.

35.I wish you all your dreams come true. No, just write off the one related to your erotic fantasies.

36.I wish you to listen to your wife more so you can live more peacefully.

37.With this birthday upon us once again, I would like for you to slow. I am having a hard time catching up with you dear. Happy birthday to my oldie! I hope you have an amazing day.

38.Dear oh dear! It is finally your birthday again! I have all your favorites cooked for you today, but don’t get used to it! This is just an onetime offer! Have a great day love. Happy birthday!

39.And once again, we have your birthday upon us! Let’s add one more candle to that cake and one more year to your age. You are getting ancient. Happy birthday, love. Have a good day.

40.Be happy and joyful, but you know all this will happen if you don’t piss off your wife.

41.Happy birthday dear! I would wish for you to get all the happiness in the world, but you already got that moment you met me! You are a gem of a person and I love you. Have an amazing day and an even more amazing year.

42.To my lovely husband, here is to tons of more years together of bickering, laughing and grinning at each other jokes, well, mostly mine. We know I’m funnier than you! This year lets work on your sense of humor! Happy birthday.

43.Once again as your birthday nears, I thank God. Each year He gives me more and more strength to tolerate you around the house. For that, I am ever so grateful. Happy birthday, my love! I hope you have a great day.

44.It is finally your birthday, my dear husband! Another year added in the list of the long years we’ve had together. I can’t wait to annoy you more and more as the years keep on passing. Have a great day. Happy birthday.

45.Happy birthday dear! We are celebrating your birthday once again! This is my favorite day for I love to make a promise to you to annoy and tease you even more as the new year starts for you. I love you.

46.Happy birthday oh dear husband. Today I would like to promise to bring laughter in your life for eternity. I cannot promise that this laughter won’t be aimed at you though! I hope you have a cheery day.

47.This birthday let’s thank God. I will be thanking Him for your existence, and you should be thanking Him for giving you such a gorgeous wife! I hope this turns out to be a great day! We love you. Happy birthday.

48.Your birthday is my favorite time of the year! You wonder why? Because then I have a chance to go shopping! Getting one gift for you and three for myself is my favorite part. Happy birthday, dearest. Have a good day!