28 + Being Home Quotes

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1.“Being away from home is most difficult on the weekends, and on Tuesdays through Fridays…and on Mondays.”

2.“Trying not to miss home is futile when your mother makes the best gravy in the world.”

3.“Daydreaming is what you do when you’re away from home. You dream of the day when you’ll be home.”

4.“My yearning for home, it seemed too much to bear, ’til I met her and loved her, and made a home there.”

5.“Longing for home is not a sad but a joyous experience, letting you know that home is a great part of what makes you shine.”

6.“I don’t like being away from home. While traveling the world can be fascinating, my hometown is still the most fascinating place I know.”

7.“Digging through a box of old photos, I was missing home something fierce, but with these precious photos, I can go home anytime.”

8.“We miss home because it’s all right to be imperfect there. It’s all right to appear too studious or stiff.”

9.“I miss a home I’ve never seen, but what a joyous day, when an angel lets me know it’s time and the King takes me away.”

10.“You can make a comfortable home wherever you go, but nothing will ever bring warmth to your soul like your childhood home.”

11.“I miss being back home. There is no other place where they serve fried livermush and put slaw and chili on burgers and hot dogs “all the way.”

12.“Time away from home is priceless, for without it, I could grasp neither her worth, nor her glory.”

13.“When I must be away from home, I miss each little cranny and nook, and when I’m back again, it’s like a fantasy in a grand book.”

14.“Frankly, I don’t understand people who don’t miss home, but whatever your reason is, know that someone cares about you — me.”

15.“A place to dwell, full of peace, secure; a place to rest — This is home to me, and that is why I long for it so.”

16.“I pine for my home. I always felt safe there. It felt like a fortress, for I knew it was built upon the Rock of my Salvation.”

17.“I miss my home. I’m having a panic attack. I can’t breathe. I’m sweating. Where are my keys? Hmmm, maybe I can just start ordering my groceries online for home delivery.”

18.“I miss her warm, loving smile and her Mississippi Mud Cake. Some people looked at us funny, but she didn’t care and neither did I. I sure miss going home with Sister Mary Rose after church on Sundays.”

19.“We are longing for a home we can only imagine, as we are outcasts in a strange land. Oh, but soon, and very soon, our escort will arrive to take us there.”

20.“Though I longed for my home, I realized that she had been instilled within me. Wherever I went and whomever I became, her remnants would always remain.”

21.“I miss those days back home, when my biggest concern was my latest crush and how I could get him to like me. Wait a minute! No, I don’t! Now, their glory days long gone, I’m just hitting my stride.”

22.“When I am away from here, I make the most of my journeys. I explore intriguing cultures and learn every new thing possible. Then, I come home to my keep, where I find love and peace.”

23.“Being away from home is like trying to quit drinking coffee. At first, it’s unbearable, but once you begin to acclimate, you realize a calmness and clarity you never before had — but, and let’s get this perfectly clear, I’m never giving up coffee!”

24.“I was feeling blue, like on a rainy day. The food tasted bland, and nothing sounded like fun. Then it dawned on me — I was just missing home. So, I called and talked to my people, who shined a sunny ray into my day and colored me a new smile.”

25.“How I miss my old home: my old room; my warm, comfy bed; and the family room with that ugly, old couch, where we’d sit and watch movies for hours. Wolfe says you can’t go home again, but I do every day as I dream.”

26.“We don’t miss the marble countertops and fine linens. It’s not a soft chair or bed. The reason we miss home has nothing to do with whether it’s perfectly peaceful or happy. The reason is that there are no strangers there, only a familiarity, one that we take great comfort in.”

27.“My daddy was my rock in this world. When he left here, I became even more homesick than before. Then, I tried to think about what daddy would want me to do, and I set out to become a rock for my children and grandchildren. Now, I am homesick and happy.”

28.“When you feel a chill coming over your soul out in the world and you start getting nostalgic and missing home, dive into that. Remember all the things you learned, good and bad, and all the times of laughter. Remind your soul that your home prepared you to warm it with a hearty laugh.”