50 + Starting A New Journey Quotes

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1.Your life is starting on a new note, may you find abundant joy, peace, and love on your way.

2.As you start a new life journey, remember it’s not all about the destination but about the exploration.

3.Welcome to a new life journey, spread your wings, feel the breeze, and enjoy the moment.

4.We sometimes need to take that bold step to start almost all over again. To start a new journey into a new life.

5.Though not easy, we must learn to start somewhere to begin a new destination or a new chapter in life.

6.Here’s to a new life of awesome possibilities and unending joy. Aim at the future but learn to enjoy the present.

7.Starting a new journey in life means you are ready to let go of the past, and boldly say, “on to the next one!” Keep going on without looking back!

8.Welcome to a new chapter in life. I wish you a beautiful life full of fun and success stories.

9.As you are starting a new life journey today, I hope you find true happiness, and your expectations are delivered.

10.Starting a new journey might be a little bit challenging, as you end up starting a new life in a world you’ve never lived before.

11.Starting a new chapter in life requires you to trust the journey even when you do not understand it. Faith is required if your future must be realized.

12.New life, a new beginning. Embrace the moment with gratitude and let every step along the journey count.

13.I pray for a new life today. The new life that will uphold righteousness and give glory to God.

14.It’s a new beginning, stay focused, be positive, and anticipate an exciting journey ahead. Life is beautifully designed for you!

15.You cannot discover a new Ocean until you learn to develop the courage to lose sight of the shore.

16.Starting a new journey in life means you have chosen to take a bold step, and let go of the past. Do not turn back, a great life lies ahead of you, keep going!

17.Starting a new journey in life could be exciting, however, it could be full of doubts and fears. Whichever way, it’s a great thing to start a new journey.

18.New chapter in life comes with new phases, a new adventure, and a new season. Enjoy every bit of it.

19.Never see life as a problem you want to solve, but as a journey to be experienced. Find excitement in every journey.

20.I pray for a new life, where I will experience all round success, peace, and victory concerning everything I set out to do.

21.Starting a new journey in life is that rare opportunity that comes to us once in a while. We must embrace it with all gladness and make the most of every opportunity it presents.

22.As you start a new life journey, may you find the courage to keep moving and the hope to never let go till you reach your destination.

23.It’s a new chapter of your life. You are welcome to a new phase where winning becomes normal and your life becomes a success.

24.A new life, new glory, new strength, and grace to live in total victory. This will be my actual experience as I embark on this journey.

25.Before you start a new journey in life be sure you are prepared for the future and learned everything you need from the past you’re leaving behind.

26.Your life has been full of ups and downs. I hope this new journey of your life offers you the best and makes you find fulfillment.

27.Dear Lord, please grant me a new life full of love, happiness, and endless possibilities. Amen.

28.Dear Lord, I need a new life today. Please show me mercy and grant it to me. That I may bring glory to your Holy name.

29.May your joy overflow, and may you experience victory on every side. I welcome you to a new chapter in your life.

30.I wish you all the best as you start this new journey in life. I believe the best of life will come to you in this season, keep enjoying the euphoria of the new phase.

31.It’s a new life. You’ve got a new opportunity to live. Seize the day, and live each day to the fullest.

32.All fresh and new, full of fun and excitement. The beginning of a new life is something we all desire to have.

33.As a new chapter begins in my life today, I say yes to new glory, new grace, and an abundance of blessings.

34.I’m so glad that a new chapter of my life begins today, I’m grateful to God for how He has kept me so far, and where he is taking me to.

35.The beautiful thing about starting a new beginning in life is that you a presented with yet another opportunity to begin once again which determines how that aspect of your life turns out to be.

36.The beautiful new chapter ahead can only begin when we learn to let go of our yesterday. Yesterday may be a hindrance to tomorrow if we don’t let go.

37.Here’s a new chapter in life, enjoy the process, and never let anything hold you down. Aim for the sky, but never lose the excitement for the moment.

38.Welcome to a new life, welcome to a new moment of opportunity to begin a new phase and enjoy new blessings.

39.Welcome to a new life. I wish you all the best it has to offer. This phase is a wonder you have never experienced before, be expectant.

40.With a new life comes freshness, and new opportunities to rewrite our stories. You can always make today better than yesterday if you will stay focused and determined.

41.In every story, there is an end, but in life, the end of a journey marks a new beginning. The next phase is always better than the previous one if adequate preparation is made.

42.As you journey in life, you will meet people that will discourage you, and you will meet those who will make you feel alive.

43.This new phase will never be without challenges, expect the best but also prepare for the worse. You are meant to get the best!

44.As this new chapter in my life begins, I pray that the Lord helps me get the best out of it, and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

45.I’m thankful for the grace to welcome a new chapter in my life. The Lord has helped me, and I will greatly rejoice and bless His holy name.

46.It’s the beginning of a new journey, new life, new adventure, new fear, new challenges- It’s the beginning of a new journey, and I hope you’ll find it more exciting. Keep going forward!

47.Welcome to a new life, a new beginning of freedom from the past, and hope for a glorious future. As long as you keep trying, the future can never deny you everything good.

48.If God is for me, nobody can be against me. The Lord has kept me and shown me mercy. I’m so grateful to God because a new chapter of my life begins today.

49.Lord, please bless me with a new life. Let me experience your love, and make me evidence of your grace. Amen.

50.Free your mind, let nothing hold you back, forget the past, and dream of the future. The future belongs to the dreamer.