33 Christian Love Quotes For Wife

Visit:3373   Updated: 2023/03/17

1.Even though I love you, I will continue to learn better ways to love you!

2.At last, the girl I always wished for has agreed to be mine, I promise to love you right.

3.My love for you is more than desire, it is admiration and respect for the great girl you are.

4.True love is free and nothing can limit it. You are the life of my love.

5.Love renews our hope. My life became brighter the day I met you. I love you so much, love!

6.I am lucky to find the one who both my heart and soul long for.

7.One of the best ways I am sure will always love you is by taking time to pray for you.

8.The little things you do for me are what make my life enjoyable. Thanks so much.

9.I always search for the best ways to show you my undying love for you.

10.You have conquered my heart with your love. I pray our love will overcome all to last forever.

11.You complete my life in the best way I have ever known. I will love till I have no breath in me.

12.Love is the greatest gift from God. I can gladly declare to the world that I love you with all my heart.

13.To love another person selflessly is to see the hand of God. You are the twinkling star in my life.

14.Even when it is dark the best thing we can hold on to is each other.

15.You are my flower from heaven, so grateful to God for giving me the chance to love you.

16.Genuine love covers a multitude of sins, thanks for you have mended my heart to love you more.

17.True love comes from God. You know how to pass on the perfect love from your heart. I am grateful to have you.

18.Our Love becomes stronger as time passes. I am contented that you are the perfect soul mate that God created for me.

19.I need you to like the way a phone needs its charge to recharge it.

20.My dear wife, our marriage is meaningful and beautiful because of you. You are the God-given wife.

21.Loving you has proved to be a prudent course, I am loving every moment spend with you.

22.I promise to love you each day, when my love becomes weak I will pray for God’s unending love to fill my love for you.

23.From the day I saw you, I never imagined spending my life with any other person. You will always be God’s best choice in my life.

24.You are the right lady that God used my rib on.  Seeing your smile brightens my day, I love you, honey.

25.In my world, I know there is no better lady than you. If in eternity, I will have a chance to choose I will still choose you.

26.On your happiest days, I find my joy, I am always delighted to see you happy!

27.You are the beautiful bird of my life, always beautiful and impressive to look at.

28.I will not lie and tell you that you are the air that I breathe, but I will sincerely say you add more life to the life I live. I thank God for you.

29.God knew I needed a lady like you to maintain the sanity in my life.

30.Even when you don’t say a word to me, the sight of you in front of me gives me enough joy.

31."The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

32.Life has many twists and turns but as long as we are together I don’t care where it takes us.

33.Having you in my life is an eternal blessing. I cannot calculate the value you add to my life, it is priceless!