30 Best Make A Sentence With These Words

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1.And you need moue resources to deal with a single person these days than with an entire nation in times past.

2.Sire Antonio Aliense, painter, aged about 73 years, sick of fever and catarrh these twelve days past ".

3.I would like to know more about these friends that I have made over the past few days.

4.I had to stop and think what the heck is going on with me these past two days.

5.But, these days the same old same old blue and white are really things of the past.

6.I did notice that these days I suppose the finger bowls are a thing of the past.

7.In the library parking lot just staring at me when I was walking in these past two days.

8.It is funny, sad, scary, romantic and the best time I've spent these past few days.

9.In years past it was easily a better go to than many competitors but these days it's a mess.

10.Has great recipes that along with these routines has helped me drop 2 inches in the past 8 days.

11.I felt a sense of hope in this self contained darkness which had enveloped me these past few days.

12.I've known him for the past fifteen years, although I don't get to see him much these days.

13.I have tested these out for the past 12 days and believe they are a pretty good product.

14.I probably wouldn't have said that about any of my days over these past couple of weeks.

15.But maximum people these days are suffering from a bad credit due to past financial mistakes.

16.With two albums under her belt in the past year, Rihanna is working harder than any ten musicians these days.

17.Seeing a gay couple parenting a child these days is not as uncommon as it has been in the past.

18.Patriots hoodie, because you can find ones from past seasons that are quite difficult to locate these days.

19.I have been in a LOTU obsession these past couple days and I just can't stop reading it.

20.You hear so many people these days talking about fear and the importance of getting past it.

21.I've heard the term conspiracy to obstruct justice floated around more and more these past few days.

22.Every time I picked up Oblivion Road these past few days, I've almost immediately began to feel ill.

23.The Frerichs dairy could use a spokescow of its own these days . The family has owned the ranch for a century, the past 50 years as a dairy.

24.MUDD Jeans signature style may have originally been hip-hugger jeans with a flare, but these days, they've moved past that.

25.I have been running my hands thru my hair so much these past few days I have never done that before.

26."The actions we're taking now actually have consequences 50 years from now, 100 years from now -- and 200 years from now," Trenberth said.

27."This is a way of connecting good people with good beer, good animals, and good boys," said Elwonger.

28.At one time this is how cooking was done and these recipes will take one back to days past.

29.The honest part is a rarity these days, as I have been burned by so many mechanics in the past.

30." The statement added, "The family has lived in hope and despair — hope that their efforts would bear fruit and Raoul would return, despair as their hopes were dashed again and again.