40 Smart Hilarious Birthday Quotes For Men

Visit:4823   Updated: 2022/11/21

1.This relic from World War I made me think of you on your birthday. Happy Bday to you!

2.I know you are getting old, and you would choose not to be reminded of it. Happy birthday!

3.You are already getting old if you start liking the things you thought were lame. Best birthday!

4.Don’t worry about your age now, think how much it will be after ten years. Wonderful birthday!

5.This just woke up look seems to become permanent to us at this age. Best birthday!

6.Just how old are you now?! Crazy how fast the time goes when you start to get old! Have a fantastic birthday!

7.A man could not be waited upon by time, but it stands still for women in their thirties. Happy birthday!

8.Wonderful birthday! I hope that your mind is still in good shape, so you will remember that you are forgetful.

9.Dear Mom, I hope you you, but the face to wipe out the daces of first met. Happy 50th birthday, dear!

10.It would be better for you to be over the ground than be under it. Best Bday!

11.I know it is your special day, but research shows that too many birthdays could kill you.

12.I wonder why this fossil suddenly looks familiar. It must be because of the birthday celebrant today. Happy birthday!

13.I know you will live up to many more years because only the good die young. Best birthday, badass!

14.Many famous people are born today, but I guess you just aren’t one of them. Best birthday!

15.Your birthday is enough of a a big wad someone who's not completely social media. • I didn't get you really are. Deal?

16.You can thank me later because I have already called the fire department before you blow out the candles. Wonderful birthday!

17.You have a lifetime of being immature, but you would only be young once. Happy birthday!

18.On your birthday, I wish you would still have more hair on your head than on your nose. Cheers to your birthday!

19.The older you get, the faster time goes. You’re going to have a quick year this year! Have a good birthday!

20.I’m at an yourself and to you as part to tell him On his birthday, it is especially earth!

21.To you, I wish the Now that I've put down to roam, to shine, hippie, a birthday brings.

22.It would be better for you to be above the hill than to be buried under it. Wonderful Bday!

23.You may look younger than you are, yet you are already older than they think. Wonderful birthday!

24.We almost cannot remember where our car keys are; how could they expect us to remember their birthdays at our age?

25.Does it seem like you just had a birthday? Oh, well. At least that means that you get more cake, even if you are ageing fast!

26.were no such from being the very well. – Melanie White I’ve known you for year one!

27.Who said there to stop them calling me old, they say I’m mature. Obviously they don’t know me more birthdays!

28.another year. knowing me was to send you • Happy Birthday to wish sent via smile on someone's face.

29.I wish you would have everything that would not cost us anything like love, peace, knowledge and friendship. Wonderful birthday!

30.I have already alerted the fire department; you can light your candles now. Cheers to your birthday!

31.I know the reasons why you hate your birthdays. People give you weird gifts, and you keep on getting older! Happy birthday!

32.If anyone calls you old on your birthday, hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them! Happy birthday older man!

33.It is your birthday today, and I wish you would see things larger than life, especially the prints. Happy, best Bday!

34.Remember when you used to celebrate getting older? Yeah, that was a long, long time ago. Have a good day, anyway!

35.Here’s to another year of adventures, ageing, wrinkles, losing your memory… um, yeah. Have a good Birthday!

36.Reaching your 40s and still remembering where you left the car keys is a huge achievement. Happy birthday!

37.Do you still remember how it felt to be young, friendly, and healthy? It must have been nice. Wonderful birthday!

38.Hey, you are already 41! It is proven that those who reach that certain age would start to forget memories. We hope so! Best birthday!

39.Everyone just sang Best Bday the last time the candle factory burned down. Just like now.

40.I hope you will wish for an enormous cake for your next birthday; the candles are crowding over the cake. Happy birthday!