35 + Coming Back Home Quotes

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1.“She is charming and sweet, and that’s why my feet seem to always steer me back home.”

2.“When the work is over and the story is done, when we’ve won, I’m going home.”

3.“Going home is a gift many will never receive. Treasure your home. Hold it sacred.”

4.“When I have left behind my legacy and my work is done, I am going home.”

5.“Yes, my home is my castle, because I rule here, and though I rule everywhere else, too, I can never get back home fast enough.”

6.“Sometimes, we feel that the dark is chasing us. It is then we return home, if only when we close our eyes.”

7.“Going home is your ace of spades. It’s a high card that you keep quietly hidden in your hand. You play it only for victory sure.”

8.“The smell of chicken frying always takes me home to grandmother’s, where we’d bake gingerbread men for dessert in a world all our own.”

9.“Home is an old friend that you shared that you shared both good and bad times with — a friend that never judges.”

10.“Some are glad to get away. Some are content to stay and stay. Me, I’m already gone, but I’m sure thinking about going home.”

11.“Returning home again is clean water to my parched mouth; it is air, rich in oxygen, to my lungs as I gasp for breath.”

12.“When you’ve been out in the world like I have, you’ll realize that there’s no joy like going home.”

13.“How I love to close my eyes and return to my old home — to walk down the hill by the church to Grancie’s house.”

14.“In youth, I thought I couldn’t leave home quickly enough. I’m older now and long to go home every day. I do even — in my mind.”

15.“This world is full of chaos. It seems no one wants to wait. I’ll be headed home now. I cannot hesitate.”

16.“My childhood home, filled with joy and sorrow, loss of innocence, hope for tomorrow — when I’m feeling cold and alone, I close my eyes, in my mind, return home.”

17.“I so wish I could return home again to that simple place when candy bars and getting to stay up late to watch television were the most important things in my life.”

18.“The feet that take me away from home when I’m restless are the same feet that take me home to secure rest.”

19.“If you’re searching for love that loves unconditionally and honesty that’s honest even when it hurts, go home.”

20.“I yearn for home all the time, but I know it’s time to return when I’ve been one day too long without a sincere smile, a warm hug, and one of mama’s fried chicken supper’s with cream gravy.”

21.“It isn’t easy to swallow your pride and go home, but know that there is a special kind of love for the prodigal one.”

22.“The days of licking honeysuckles and blowing on dandelions are long over. Memories make me long for days agone. Memories make me long for home.”

23.“When I’m away, I pine for you so sweetly. Home, when I’m with you, life’s so sublime. I must go away and work to keep my loved ones, but I’ll return to you time after time.”

24.“The splendid view when it snows, and when butterflies land on your nose, or watching the tree in the yard as it grows — oh, I can’t wait to get home again.”

25.“I like to cook my own food and serve it on dishes that I washed. I like to eat in my own spot, drink a cold soda, and watch a good cop show. So, when I’m out, I just look forward to that moment when it’s time to go back home.”

26.“Seeking desperately to settle down, I searched in low places and paid dearly for it. My father explained — Honey, not everyone loves the way you do, but, he said, as long as I have a home, you will always have a home you can return to.”

27.“I always loved returning home to my father’s open arms. They enveloped me in unconditional love. He would reach out with those big, precious hands that held mine at the supper table. He taught me the words that another breathed, and thus, my soul sustained.”

28.“I long to hear the sweet mountain accent in the voices of my kinfolk back home. I’m longing for the rocky beach and winter’s snowy sea foam. I’m longing for the mountains and the crisp, cool air to breathe. If I return to Carolina, I may never leave.”

29.“I cried out for her to come home, but she did not comply. Felt so empty without her. I thought that I might die. Could not get her to come back, and honestly, I knew why. That girl who used to live in me grew up and said goodbye.”

30.“As I travel along in this world, I’m in awe of many things, like the colors I see in autumn or the flowers that bloom in spring. To me, there is no kind of awesome that any but home can bring, like returning to wake in my old bed to hear the birds sweetly sing.”

31.“I close the eyes of my mind and ride my bicycle here in the Midwest. It takes me home to the rolling hills of that small town in Carolina, where I would ride for hours as a child, straight into a fantasy.”

32.“I long for Carolina. I miss the heavy fog atop the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I can smell home now. I miss the autumn-colored leaves in fall, but I’ll tell you what I really miss. I miss family, most of all.”

33.“I rush out of the house in the mornings, thinking of nothing but time. I get to work and try to do a good job. As I leave to run my errands, it sinks in once again that going home makes me happier than anyplace else I have been.”

34.“Sure we lived in more than one house growing up, but it was good food, work ethic, the teaching of consequences and of faith, and it was pure unadulterated love — these things made moving to each new house just like going home.”

35.“I love my kitchen, my chair, my office, my recliner, my antique chest, my walk-in closet, and most of all, my comfy bed. Truth is — I don’t mind having responsibilities and engagements in the outside world, but I cannot tell you the peace that flows over me when I know it’s time to go home.”