21 Best Emphasis In A Sentence

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1.The emphasis here is on telling a good story, and that Kate Morton does very well.

2.The emphasis on Valentine's Day remains, in the majority, with a man's token of love to a woman.

3.A lot more emphasis should have been done on the main characters and their sketchy past.

4.Note that the exclusive emphasis on Christian churches in the United States is made by the author.

5.The presentation could have been a bit better if more emphasis was placed on plating the shrimp.

6.Essentially we have a choice of creating a culture of reverence and care, an emphasis on Being.

7.There is a minimal emphasis on monsters and only one dragon, who makes an effective appearance.

8.Regardless of which stores you walk into, you will see an enormous emphasis on these products.

9.In both the diet plans you are encouraged not to lay a whole lot of emphasis on calories.

10.I loved getting to know the members of the band better, and also the emphasis on Chloe's family.

11.There is little emphasis put in Evelyn's story in order to make room for Stephanie's misadventures.

12.The emphasis is more on the ingenuity of the heroic inventors, then on the tech itself.

13.The focus of the show has shifted from fighting the dead, though that is still a big emphasis.

14.I am not a writer, and maybe I am placing too much emphasis on this, but I distracts me.

15.The emphasis is squarely placed on giving you the tools to get things done quickly and efficiently.

16.So there's not much of an emphasis on story here, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have merits.

17.But, I'm not one who needs or enjoys profanity to add emphasis or character to a story.

18.Their emphasis is on the quality of experience, not on the benefits of a new technology.

19.The ninth edition is a further improvement over previous eds, with its emphasis on medieval women.

20.On the positive side, I enjoyed the emphasis on those left behind in the war effort.

21.The writing was superb and I cant emphasis enough how much I loved Patrick's character building.