48 Smart Healing Quotes For The Sick

Visit:1276   Updated: 2022/11/21

1.The first step to healing is laughter. Even during the toughest of times, please try your best to smile or laugh.

2.You can always talk to me if something is bothering you or stressing you out too much.

3.Don't let this one setback stop you from achieving your dreams – if I can do it then so can you.

4.Don't worry about what others think right now; focus on taking care of yourself, please.

5.Trying hard is the first step towards success, so never stop fighting against all odds!

6.Remember that love can heal almost any wound inflicted by life's challenges — never forget that!

7.You helped me when I needed someone most, so it's my turn to help you.

8.You are an inspiration to me. Please keep fighting for your health so you can live your best life.

9.Life is too short to be upset or feel sad about anything at all times, so don't dwell on the past.

10.Your will to live is stronger than anything else right now, so don't ever lose it.

11."The sick are the greatest danger for the healthy; it is not from the strongest that harm comes to the strong, but from the weakest.”

12.“Illness is the most heeded of doctors: to kindness and wisdom we make promises only; pain we obey.”

13.I'm behind you 100% and know that we can overcome anything if we believe in ourselves.

14.Trying hard is the first step to success. Never stop fighting because I believe in you!

15.The sun will shine again tomorrow. Our days are constantly changing. Please try not to take life too seriously at all times.

16.I love you very much and I'm here for whatever you need, whether it's physical or emotional support.

17.You are strong enough to get through this tough time in life. Don't give up hope, okay?

18.Please try to find something that makes you happy even during this difficult time in life.

19.You're going to beat this thing, just give it time. A successful recovery is inevitable because I'm rooting for you from here on out.

20.Never give up hope, even during the toughest of times there's always a chance things will get better eventually.

21.When I think about how strong you are during your fight in life, my heart fills with warmth and gratitude for everything you do.

22.Life is full of these kinds of challenges, so don't worry, because you can overcome anything if you set your mind to it!

23.it’s not easy but life can get better eventually, just give things time to improve!

24.I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now, but know that I'm here for anything and everything.

25.If you ever need anything, don't forget that I am here for anything and everything.

26.Please remember that you are loved very much during these dark times in your life.

27.Everyone is fighting their own battle in life, most of the time without any support. You are not alone.

28.Everyone gets sick sometimes and it's nothing to feel ashamed about or embarrassed about – don't let this get you down or defeat you.

29.I hope you know how much we care about you and everything will be alright.

30.I care about you so much. I wish there was something more I could do besides being by your side in any capacity possible.

31.This is a trying time in life for both of us. I know it's exhausting and painful to deal with this type of struggle in life.

32.You are strong enough to get through this rough time, just take it one day at a time.

33.You have gone through so much pain and almost lost hope at times too. But you are still here and I am proud of you.

34.I believe in your ability to survive despite everything life has thrown at you up until now.

35.You are a fighter, and you will make it through this rough time in life.

36.Even though we might not know it right now, these challenges in life help us become stronger and wiser.

37.“There are two kinds of people; those who are always well and those who are always sick. Most of the evils of the world come from the first sort and most of the achievement from the second.”

38.If you can't sleep, I will stay up with you all night long so we can chat about anything and everything under the sun – its okay if we don't fall asleep until sunrise comes up.

39.Our friendship isn't one-sided and I want to make sure we keep open communication at all times.

40.I understand that you want time for yourself now, so go ahead and do whatever you need to do to feel better.

41."I'm sick and tired of being on my own. Most of the time I'm fine. Some of the time I even quite enjoy it. But at this precise moment in time I'm fed up with it. I've had enough.”

42.I love you very much – remember that you are strong enough to overcome this obstacle in life because I believe in your ability to be successful.

43.I wish I could take all your pain away somehow, but until then please try your best to feel better soon.

44.I can't imagine how it must feel to be in your situation right now, but please remember that you are loved.

45."And at 3am you sit near the window and wonder if there is magic... because all you need are some fairies to take your pain away and help you sleep.”

46.I believe and trust in your ability to fight this illness and disease until the very end.

47.I'm so sorry you are experiencing this, I wish there was something I could do to make your life better – but until then I can at least be by your side in any way possible.

48.You'll always be my friend no matter what life throws at us, because people like me don't just give up on their friends without a fight.