43 Smart Message To A Cheating Girlfriend

Visit:257   Updated: 2023/03/31

1.I sleep much better knowing there’s no cheating girlfriend to think about. My mental health is out of danger now.

2.I hate you for cheating on me, but I hate myself for committing my years to a cheat.

3.No good woman should blame herself on a cheating man. He is a pig that cannot value a treasure.

4.I’m going to your new boo’s house with all the ladies you cheated on me with. It’s time for an introduction.

5.You’re going to cheat over and over, and I’m going to be heartbroken again and again. So, no extra baggage.

6.A cheater has no good sense of judgment. He goes after everything that gives pleasure even if it stinks.

7.My love was nothing more than a game to you. But with this betrayal, there’s no second chance.

8.I’m disappointed in myself for choosing to tolerate your excesses and believing you would change.

9.I hope you both spend forever together. I mean, it would be a waste to deceive your spouse for a short fling.

10.Don’t assume you’re someone special because you cheated on me many times without my knowledge.

11.I now understand why you wear rose perfumes, so you can cover up your thorny self. For cheating on me, you have become like poo under my shoes.

12.Expecting perfection from your partner is the recipe for disappointment. What you can do is look for love and respect instead.

13.A cheater doesn’t know the difference between pleasure and treasure. He’ll throw out a treasure for a pleasure of a moment.

14.I’m hurt, sad and disappointed. But I choose happiness. It will be painful for a while, but I’ll get over it.

15.I can’t believe I was about to make a grave mistake by marrying you. Where is the connection we shared? Oh, you destroyed it for some pleasure.

16.If I had fallen somewhere else, I would have had visible scars that could easily heal. But since you trapped me, I have scars that fill me with aching pain.

17.A man who lacks self-control over his feelings is like a city whose gate has been taken away and whose wall has broken down. He is unsafe.

18.It’s a different kind of pain when the one to whom you’ve committed your heart shatters it in this way, but I can’t bring myself to hate you.

19.You are probably feeling on top of the world after that disgusting way you broke my heart. And to think that I gave myself to a chronic pig. You stink.

20.It’s a huge disappointment to defend one person for a long time on the assumption that they’re different only for them to be what others said.

21.Even after you were caught cheating, you tried to validate yourself. The fact remains that you can’t love two men the same way. So dump yourself and your excuses somewhere else.

22.Now that you have removed yourself from my life in a dramatic way, please delete my number from your phone and the memories of our togetherness from your head.

23.You lied when you said you had no choice, and you never planned to cheat. You could have told me about your temptations, or at least, avoided the situation altogether.

24.I am so disappointed by your deception. I gave you everything and you took me for granted. Anyone could have made this mistake, but not you. I made a wrong decision with you.

25.How were you able to date two men at once? You’re the type of woman only dogs and players should date.

26.I should ignore you completely but my heart won’t let me. So for the love we shared, let’s meet at the coffee shop at noon. I want you to look me in the eye and explain yourself.

27.I feel so much shame on your behalf. You disposed of our love because of a mere fling. Don’t bother asking for forgiveness, because you’ll never have it.

28.Don’t tell me you didn’t know what happened, that you were powerless. You simply didn’t care. I have no space for weak-minded people like you.

29.We’ve always had problems but you topped them all with this act. It’s terrible to know that when you inform her of your whereabouts, you’re probably cheating on her as well. Shame on you.

30.Could you tell me where I failed you? If so, I’ll consider it. If not, I wish no one would do to you what you’ve done to me.

31.I’m wondering how you’re going to tell your family that we’re done. I hope for once you’ll be honest about your betrayal. Tell them you gave up on this relationship first.

32.I’ve always wished the best for you since we got together, but your heart was nothing more than a hornet for wickedness. What did I do to deserve your betrayal?

33.I thought I was lucky to have a beautiful woman by my side, but I didn’t know that your beauty masked your ugly heart and a manipulative woman.

34.Are you surprised by my cold treatment? I’m simply tired of expecting anything from you. I am fed up with being excited over something and then getting disappointed.

35.So it’s true that people can’t change; they can only hide who they truly are but for a while. Thank you for showing me how hypocritical you are.

36.I’m too disappointed in you that I’ve forgiven you. Don’t bother trying to get back with me because I’ve detached you from my life.

37.Disappointment is simply a sense of loss over something you never had in the first place.

38.I’ve always thought that meeting you was a blessing. I thought my forever was with you. Now I know that forever expired the moment you bedded the first woman that came your way.

39.Your sweet talk won’t work this time. I mustn’t see you at my home. If I even see a single thing that reminds me of you, I’ll burn it.

40.I’m willing to wipe the slate clean if you’re ready to regain my trust. It’ll be a little harder this time, but I’ll keep an open mind.

41.I can’t hate you. I’m only disappointed that you became the person you promised you won’t ever become.

42.I was disappointed you didn’t prioritize your promises to me. But I’m even more disappointed that you didn’t stay to fix things.

43.You could have simply said you weren’t interested anymore, and we break up so you can continue with your lover. But you were a greedy fool who would rather keep us both. Now, you have none of us. Goodbye.