19 Love Messages For Grandchildren

Visit:2596   Updated: 2023/04/09

1.Tell me about it.  I’d like to hear more.  And then what happened? I’ll listen.

2.You are amazing!  I look at you with wonder! Not just at what you can do, but who you are.  There is no one like you. No one!

3.That was kind. You did something helpful and thoughtful for that person. That must make you feel good inside.  Thank you!

4.I’m right here.  I won’t leave without saying good-bye. I am watching you.  I am so happy to be here with you.

5.Please and Thank You.  These are important words. If I forget to use them, will you remind me?

6.What a great idea!  You were really thinking! How did you come up with that?  Tell me more.  Your mind is clever!

7.Let’s be sure to pick up after ourselves and not waste any food, water, energy or other valuable resources.

8.Being kind and polite to everyone we meet is one way to be an example of how we want others to treat us.

9.I love you! There is nothing that will make me stop loving you. Nothing you could do or say or think will ever change that.

10.What would you like to do?  It’s your turn to pick.  You have great ideas.  It’s important to follow your special interests.

11.Older people deserve to be listened to for their wisdom of life’s experiences. We can learn so much from other people’s life stories.

12.You did the right thing to try.  That was scary and hard to do.  Even though it wasn’t easy, you tried.  I am proud of you; you should be too.

13.I’ll help you. I heard you call me, here I am. How can I help you? If we both work together, we can get this done.  I know you can try to do it by yourself, but I’m glad to help since you asked.

14.People who are different from us deserve as much respect as we expect for being different from them.  Differences are what make us unique and interesting.

15.You’ve made a mistake.  People make mistakes.  I do. Is it something we can fix?  What can we do?  You can start fresh.  I know you are sorry.  I forgive you.

16.I have a surprise for you, even though it’s not your birthday.  It’s for no reason at all.  Just a surprise, a little one, but a surprise.

17.What do you wish for?  Even if it’s not yet time for birthday candles, it’s still fun to hear about what you wish for, hope for, and dream about.

18.It’s all right to cry.  People cry for all kinds of reasons: when they are hurt, sad, or worried; when they are angry, afraid, or lonely.  Or sometimes when they’re happy! Big people cry too. I do.

19.You can change your mind.  It’s good to decide, but it is also fine to change.