25 Smart Buying Your First Home Quotes

Visit:2477   Updated: 2023/04/24

1.“Buying a house won’t bring you happiness, but turning it into a home certainly will.”

2.“To purchase a home is to subconsciously gain the respect of many in your community.”

3.“Courage and commitment are prerequisites for purchasing a home, but immense cannot begin to describe the rewards.”

4.“If you include God in the decisions you make about purchasing your new home, He will not fail to show up and bless you in it.”

5.“I wish I would have invested in buying homes all the money I have invested in frivolous things, for had I, today, I would want for nothing.”

6.“Your family loves you just for you, there through thick and thin. Shouldn’t you buy a home for them to return to again and again?”

7.“Buy a home far enough out of the city that the traffic isn’t heavy but close enough to the city that they still deliver pizza.”

8.“There is no satisfaction, no greater gratification, than that you receive when you close on the purchase of your own home.”

9.“Buying a home is a big step up into another echelon of society, of respect, and of, well, responsibility…that is 100 percent worth it.”

10.“Everyone desires to own their own home, but the actual purchase is usually reserved for those with work ethic, who are brave and committed.”

11.“It will be worth it to buy more land, even if you have to buy a slightly smaller home, to be able to distance yourself from your neighbors.”

12.“Peace is impossible to put a price upon and in most areas of life, unattainable, but purchasing your own home affords you a grand measure.”

13.“When you buy a home, pray, and ask God to bless it, for the Word of God says that, if you call upon God pray to Him, He will listen to you.”

14.“I hear people fussing about their home construction going one day over, and I’m thinking to myself – Gee, I wish you had any idea at all how blessed you really are just to be able to buy your own home.”

15.“Forget what they say, going home isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be anyway. Best to purchase your own and go home any time you like.”

16.“As I sit here on my new patio, having finally purchased my own home, I am overcome with a feeling of accomplishment and of great contentment.”

17.“To buy a nice home is to buy a better way of life. To choose a better way of life is to work toward well-being, and isn’t well-being what’s paramount?”

18.“I had always wanted a place where I could abide, my own space. I bought my own home today. None can take my space away.”

19.“The house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today.” -Koki Adasi, Koki & Associates, Inc.

20.“If you want to be a leader in your community, buying your own home is an important step, because it is a well-known fact that, if you don’t own your own space, you are subconsciously telling your peers that your perspectives and judgments are unworthy.”

21.“Buying a home is like buying a citadel. Just purpose in your mind that, when you walk into your door, you will leave all the worries, all the attacks of the day, on the other side of those walls, conquer them awhile, soften your nerves, and enjoy your time in your safe haven.”

22.“It won’t be easy, but buying my own home has been a lifelong dream, and knowing that I will only get out of it what I put into it, I’m ready to get a little sweat on my brow and realize my dream to its fullest.”

23.“I never truly understood the meaning of warmth until I purchased my own home. As I sit in my own living room, surrounded by walls painted my favorite color, looking out at the mighty oak tree sitting on the lot I so carefully chose and listening to the tranquil sounds of jazz music on my stereo, my soul is filled with deep contentment, a warmth that I could not before have fathomed.”

24.“Most consider family as the most important thing in this life. Provide yours with the security of their own space by buying them a home of their own, and through the good and the bad, you will never be sorry that you did.”

25.“There is something to be said for designing your own home: deciding whether the garage will be front-facing or side-facing; choosing a kitchen island or a breakfast bar, or both; choosing the paint contrasts in each room and so much more. The finished product will be having taken the ideas in your head and given them life, then finally living in your dream home. Live in the fantasy of buying and designing your own home.”