37 + Sweet Text Message For Boyfriend

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1.Regardless, your boyfriend will be feeling the love with these long sweet text messages.

2.My wonderful boyfriend, you make me feel so special.

3.OMG I tried some these on my boyfriend he was so moved!

4.You are the sweetest man ever.

5.You’re more than my boyfriend. You’re my best friend.

6.My boyfriend is the best. You can’t change my mind.

7.My adorable boyfriend, I’d do anything to see you smile.

8.You could never bore me.

9.You’re more beautiful than the sweetest rose.

10.I tell my friends about you all the time.

11.Wow, I think these really worked on my boyfriend! So amazing!

12.Thank you for choosing me.

13.Thank you for being mine.

14.You’ll definitely see reasons to be grateful at the end.

15.I feel so safe with your arms around me.

16.You’re my lover and my best friend.

17.You’ve done so much for us.

18.Your sense of humor is the best.

19.I will never forget the joy and emotion you bring to me.

20.I feel so safe when I’m with you.

21.my boyfriend just proposed to me 2 hrs after i said these things to him!! thx sooooo much!!!

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23.Your eyes sparkle like the brightest stars.

24.To my amazing boyfriend, do you know that I feel so safe with your arms around me?

25.Beautiful boyfriend, I appreciate you for working so hard.

26.You are the best boyfriend ever . So happy to call you my man.

27.Your success story will be successful in the end.

28.I know that God has blessed me with such an incredible boyfriend.

29.My amazing boyfriend, I’m so proud of you.

30.I’m so blessed that we’re together.

31.I feel at peace with you in my life.

32.My soul has been waiting for yours.

33.My man was so excited when he heard this sweet words coming from me.

34.I hope you have stress free day darling.

35.You’re on the verge of pressing the green button to greatness. More success.

36.It only takes a minute for me to start missing you.

37.I’m thankful for you. You are my life-changing boyfriend.