16 Best To Be A Dad Quotes

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1.When a father speaks, may his children hear the love in his voice above all else.

2.Even the best dads make mistakes. But there is no mistaking their love for their children.

3.If I grow up to be half the person you are, Dad, then I will consider my life a success.

4.Fathers are men who dared to place the world’s hopes and dreams in their children.

5.The best parts of your father are the best parts of you. Never forget where you came from.

6.Dads are the true superheroes. They will leap over any obstacle to protect their child from danger.

7.After waiting for long 9 months, I’m finally relaxed and happy to become a proud daddy of an little angel.

8.Find a father who loves his child and you will have found the spark of life.

9.A dad is more than just the sum of his parts. He is the very soul of the family.

10.Only the best dads let their children fly. Only the most loved children will soar.

11.Fathers lead their children down the path to adulthood in the hopes they leap beyond the boundaries and forge new ones.

12.Now I am father of a kid, so I quit all fun that I use to have earlier. It’s time to become serious about life and family.

13.The greatest storms in a child’s heart are calmed by the loving waves in the sea of a father’s love.

14.You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes. Even if it’s just in your own eyes. -Walter M. Schirra Sr.

15.When I first time held my son in my hands, I had a feeling like I am Superman. One day when he’s grown up, he will realise his father is just a regular guy who wears a cap, but a real life Superman for him.

16.I think that my strong determination for justices comes from the very strong, dynamic personality of my father… I have rarely ever met a person more dearly and courageous… If I had a problem I could always call Daddy. -Martin Luther King Jr.