25 Smart Best Quotes About Being Thankful

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1.Gratitude is more like having a sense of thankfulness and the feeling is from within.

2.Gratitude is the sense of being and can be a way of life for some people.

3.Grateful is a sense of feeling that happens at a deeper level that comes from within your heart.

4.For instance, thankfulness is often the first step. It can grow deeper and becomes gratefulness.

5.It is more like a polite behavior to show that you express your appreciation. Society has conditioned people to thankful rather than grateful.

6.Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines thankful as “conscious of benefits received”. It is a conscious act from the person who received the benefits.

7.Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines thankful as “appreciative of benefits received”. It is a way of expressing appreciation with or without an act.

8.Usually, thankfulness happens in an instant. You say thank you right after someone helps you with something.

9.Thankfulness is a social norm applicable in general situations while gratitude is the special manifestation of spirituality, love, and affection.

10.Usually, it happens as a reaction from someone’s action. It can never occur at random moment when you are idling or taking a shower in the bathroom.

11.It can be an automatic response most of the time. Just like a habit, you automatically say thank you to the people who have helped you when you needed it.

12.Thankfulness often happens at the surface. Whenever you express your thanks to someone, it will be merely just an act of expressing your appreciation toward him or her, nothing else.

13.You feel grateful not only for the people you appreciate but also things that you feel has been of great help to you in your life.

14.The act of thankfulness usually lasts for only a short moment. You will never remember the guy who opened the door for you ten years ago.

15.Gratefulness starts from the mind. You have to believe that people and things are helping and doing good to you to feel the appreciation.

16.Grateful is a feeling while thankful is an act. When someone does something good to you, you feel grateful for him, and you offer your thanks to him as an action.

17.It is easy to express thankfulness. You can go out to your local shopping mall and say something nice or say “thank you” to the salesgirl for her time in explaining the service or product.

18.For example, you can express your gratitude towards your car because it has been with you for more than a decade and has been through many ups and downs with you.

19.For example, you express your appreciation for someone who opens the door for you by saying the word, “thank you”, and often, this is to show your appreciation for the person’s act.

20.The act of gratefulness is memorable and can live for a long time. When you feel grateful toward someone, you can feel the sense of appreciation to that person even after many years later.

21.When you feel grateful for something, you can express your feelings without using words or any physical sign. It can be from within.

22.Being grateful can grow beyond the act of thankfulness. You are willing to sacrifice and do something special even without someone requires you to. The feeling is usually stemmed from the willingness from within you.

23.Gratefulness can come at a random moment. Out of sudden, you can feel your own financial blessings and pay for a stranger’s meal. Or maybe it suddenly hit you to remind your loved ones how important they are to you.

24.At the same time, you can express your gratefulness towards other people as well. Just like you can feel grateful for your mother who has constantly guided, supported and gave you valuable advice from time to time.

25.Gratitude is the manifestation of love, commitment, and devotion toward those who are meaningful to you. It encompasses shared experiences, love, and understanding that the universe has conspired to connect us together.