43 Smart First Time Father Quotes

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1.Tom Perry has this to say, ” A family needs a father to anchor its affairs.”

2.When you are a father, there is no one above you. But if you don’t do the needful, who will do it?

3.Life doesn’t give us an instruction manual; that’s why we have Fathers to guide us.

4.Fatherhood isn’t a venture for a perfect man; instead, it is something that perfects a man.

5.Fatherhood can melt away the hassles and bustle of the day from just a simple hug from your child.

6.As a father, remember that one day, your children will follow your example instead of your advice.

7.Fathers are never born. Men grow into being a father, and they live to love such a stage in their lives.

8.Be the best father you can because you can never choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.

9.As a father, learn to kiss your children goodnight even after they are long asleep.

10.As a father, be ready to straddle two positions and roles perfectly: the provider for all and the enemy of all.

11.Going home as a father to see my son makes me to forget my mistakes, and every time he smiles at me, it makes me grow as a man.

12.The prayer of men who hope to be the best dad. “Father of fathers, please make me one, and a fit example for my children.”

13.No man can ever understand the meaning of life until he has a child he loves.

14.Believe, be strong and never fret for an only son because any idea of failure won’t succeed over him.

15.Fatherhood creates an amazing experience within you every time you have your child smile at you.

16.Being a great father is likened to shaving. No matter how good you did it today, you’ll always want to do it again tomorrow.

17.Fathers are the most ordinary men who live suddenly changed to becoming storytellers, adventurers, heroes and great singer of songs.

18.A great father is one of the unpraised, unnoticed, and unsung people, and yet they are one of the most treasurable assets in our homes.

19.According to Reed Markham, The quality of a great father is seen in the dreams, aspirations, and goals which he set for both himself and his family.

20.Son, there are those moments when a man will do what he dislikes so that he can protect his family.

21.Being a father makes you worry so much about those things that you never worried a fraction about, especially when it has to do with your children.

22.Until you have a son, you will never understand the joy which is beyond joy in the heart of a father as he watches his son grow to be like him.

23.According to Confucius, a father who doesn’t teach his son his duties is as guilty as a son who neglects his duties.

24.While becoming a father, you should understand that children need a model and not a critic.

25.Playing tea party on the floor is one of the weirdest things you can think of, but joining your daughter in it can turn an experience of a lifetime.

26.According to Gordon MacDonald, “words have an amazing impact” The impression a father’s voice creates is enough to set in motion a lifetime trend.

27.One of the most significant ways to show your children how much you cherish them is to love and care for their mom.

28.According to Robert L. Backman, “Father” is the Noblest title any man can receive. It is beyond a biological responsibility. It signifies one who is a patriarch, friend, hero, teacher, and a confidant.

29.Becoming a father makes you happier about your children’s happiness than in your satisfaction. This unexplainable feeling can spread gladness throughout your body.

30.Each time my little child looks up at me with an amazing toothless smile, I see the confidence in him, and I know that being the best father is the best thing that I could ever do.

31.One thing is unique about becoming a father; you start doing something you are inexperienced to do, and as you continue, you then become experienced in doing it.

32.Your son needs a father who will teach him how to navigate the world. He needs to be taught how to read a map so that he will be able to identify the road that leads to life and death.

33.According to Carl Jung, “children learn from what the grown-up is and not what he says.

34.Janet Reno submits “Raising children as a father is one of the hardest things to do in the world. It requires hard work, luck, love, and so much energy. It is also the most rewarding experience to have”.

35.Never kill yourself about your children, not listening to you. Worry more about them watching you.

36.Fatherhood changes what you do and where you go. You aren’t going to stay out late or clubbing. You’ll rather choose to be at home playing with your children.

37.You don’t need to teach your children the way to live. Live, and they’ll watch you do it.

38.According to James Baldwin, “Your kids will never be good at listening to you. Instead, they will be the best at imitating you.”

39.Fatherhood will make a man remind his wife that they aren’t raising grasses. Instead, they are raising boys, especially when she comes yelling that they are playing and tearing up the grasses in the lawn.

40.According to General Douglas MacArthur, he admitted that “By profession, he is a soldier, and he takes great pride being one. But he is more proud and endlessly prouder that he is a father. While a soldier destroys so that he can build, a father is only concerned about building and never destroys.

41.Nadia Boulanger has this to say “ loving your children doesn’t mean giving in to all their whims; instead to love your children means bringing out the best in them and teaching them how to love what is difficult.

42.To be a great father, you must be a teacher, provider, role model, and importantly, an authority that is hard to please. If you don’t portray these features, your children will find it difficult to understand God’s concept.

43.According to Joseph Addison, the affection between the father and his daughter is angelic. Affection between your wife comes with desire, and with your son, ambition is involved, but love for your daughter, something beyond what words can express is involved.