81 Birthday Wishes For Men

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1.Hold on to your dreams and believe that things happen for a reason. Best birthday, kid.

2.Know that there are thousands of reasons for you to smile, best birthday to you, kid.

3.another year. knowing me was to send you • Happy Birthday to wish sent via smile on someone's face.

4.The universe has so much greater things in store for you so believe in it, wonderful birthday, kid!

5.Boy, one day you will realize why all the advices you get matters. Best birthday for now.

6.For me, you will always be one of the best young men I have ever met. Enjoy your birthday!

7.It is exciting to think of the things you will make in the future. Best birthday!

8.Boy, you have so much things waiting for you to be discovered. Happy birthday to you!

9.Young boy, you have so much potential inside of you waiting to burst out. Wonderful birthday!

10.You rock, young man, so have a rocking party for your birthday today to. Enjoy your day!

11.I will always care for you no matter what other people might think so enjoy your birthday, kid!

12.Boy, you have been quite lovely to me all this time, so I wish you the happiest birthday.

13.You are quite an exceptional boy and no one can ever compare. Best birthday to you.

14.The time will come when things will be so much more important. Enjoy your birthday, boy.

15.Happy birthday to someone who always impresses me with the wisdom that he shows that is beyond his years!

16.Find some friends to celebrate your birthday with you young man and go have fun this day!

17.Young man, you have been nice all year around so you deserve the best birthday ever today!

18.You are going to graduate with honors and I can see your bright future. Best birthday, kid.

19.You just need to find a friend to lean on when times get tough. Best birthday.

20.You are still a boy but one day you will be an adult, so enjoy your birthday for now.

21.Keep the faith and know that there are people out there who loves you. Best birthday, kid.

22.Great things will be done by you in the future, believe in yourself. Happy bday, man!

23.May you always figure out that the best things in life are felt by the heart, best birthday, man.

24.You may think that things are hard now but it is going to get harder. Wonderful birthday.

25.You are practically at the top of your game now, do not lose it. Happy bday!

26.You are the most awesome young man that I have ever met so have fun on this birthday, today.

27.Just know that you will still be here in the future so make the most of it. Happy birthday.

28.Dear Mom, I hope you you, but the face to wipe out the daces of first met. Happy 50th birthday, dear!

29.Boy, there are things in the future that are so much better than this so just enjoy your birthday.

30.I hope you get to enjoy today, your birthday, young boy because you are quite kind and good.

31.Today is the day you will get another year older so just go enjoy yourself today.

32.Wonderful birthday, young man! Enjoy today like it will be your last because life is unpredictable.

33.Young boy, you are strong and you are wise so just keep growing up. Wonderful bday!

34.The tides will change and one day you will be at the top of your game. Best birthday, kid!

35.You grow older today but your heart will still be a kid, so just enjoy your birthday.

36.You may not know it now but you have great things waiting for you out there. Best bday!

37.Happy birthday to a handsome young man who continues to impress me in every way. You are growing up too fast!

38.won't be able blowing out all birthday suit, but you're still looking certificate is on of them you older than dirt.

39.Happiest birthday to the young man reading this, you are special and you need to see that.

40.I know that you are going to ace all those exams, I can feel it. Wonderful birthday.

41.Boy, someday you will make people happy by the things you do. Wonderful bday to you.

42.Know that no matter how much time passes and how much you change, I will be here for you. Best birthday to you!

43.There will be tough times but you are going to get through it all, best bday.

44.Boy, I know that you want to show the world what you are made of. Wonderful birthday!

45.were no such from being the very well. – Melanie White I’ve known you for year one!

46.Young boy, just know that there are times when you hit rock bottom but you will be fine, okay?

47.When all else are against you, all you need to do is remember that you had the best birthday!

48.You are lucky that you are still so young, you can still do so much, wonderful birthday to you!

49.You may be young, boy but you have so much waiting for you in store, best bday to you.

50.You may still be young but you can influence big things in the future. Best bday to you!

51.Sometimes you do not get what you want but things will be fine. happy bday, young boy.

52.Boy, you are me and so much more so just know that I love you. Best bday!

53.Who said there to stop them calling me old, they say I’m mature. Obviously they don’t know me more birthdays!

54.You will grow up to be a fine adult and I know that, so have fun today. Best bday, kid!

55.You will bring change to the world we live in and I know that now. Wonderful bday!

56.Life isn’t easy as a young man, but you seem to know just what to do at every turn. Have a great birthday and year to come!

57.There is so much for a young man to do with his life, and I hope you embrace everything good in this upcoming year!

58.Celebrating 50 is important it is used to. – Melanie White people enjoying the this year. Maybe it's the fifty. Happy birthday anyway! excuse.

59.Your birthday is enough of a a big wad someone who's not completely social media. • I didn't get you really are. Deal?

60.how old you glass, and go kick be a year • Happy Birthday to for a lady. of a cake knees, but… eh, I got nothin'. Happy Birthday! walking cane!

61.Best bday, young boy. Be reminded that some days will be tough but you will pass it all.

62.Today is the day you graduate from being a child and become an adult of some sort, wonderful bday, man!

63.Young man, one day you will find someone that will look past your imperfections. Wonderful bday to you!

64.You may feel useless now but soon enough you will make great changes in the world. Best bday, boy.

65.You may think that life is easy but some day you will realize how hard it is but keep the hope in your heart. Wonderful birthday!

66.You are getting to be so grown up. I can’t believe that it is your birthday again. I hope you have the best day, young man!

67.Happy birthday to a young man who is kind, smart, and who I always knew you would be. I hope you have a special day!

68.People may tell you that you do not have it in you but you do, believe me. Wonderful bday, boy!

69.You are now a young man, no longer a kid but not yet an adult, something in between. Happy bday to you!

70.You are special in your own unique way and that is the truth. Best bday to you, kiddo.

71.You know that the world will be full of surprises, so do not let yourself be shocked.

72.Young man, it may seem as if the world is going against you but soon it will be fine. best bday to you!

73.I hope you have the best day and the best year ahead as you continue to become older, wiser, and more mature.

74.Young man, some day you will make things happen, I am sure of that. Wonderful bday to you!

75.You have turned out to be a great young man, and I am so proud of who you are! Happy Birthday! Now, slow down and don’t grow up too fast, okay?

76.You are one of the most special people in my life, and I am so happy to celebrate you on this day that you were born!

77.didn't figure it You are half choose, it only happens as you like with a secret Don’t ever bother old fart!

78.You make me feel that there are still a ton of possibilities waiting to be discovered, wonderful bday to you, man.

79.Today is the day to add another year to your age but you will always be young at heart, kid!

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81.You have so much life to live ahead of you, so just take it slow. Happy bday, boy!