58 Best Cute Thinking Of You Quotes

Visit:1715   Updated: 2022/11/21

1.I don’t want to let you go, I have been thinking of you every minute.

2.You live in my heart, so I think of you every minute. I love you so much.

3.You are my beautiful life, thinking of you is my favourite hobby, I love you so much, my sweetie.

4.I am thinking of you sweetheart, my loving husband, you are the best ever. I love you.

5.You make my heart think of you all the time, wishing you a beautiful day where ever you.

6.I have opened my heart to accommodate all of you, thinking about you now. I miss you so much.

7.I will not stop thinking of you, you are in my mind all day, I love you.

8.I think of you as a duty, you are all I think of all day and all night.

9.I will wait for you until the end of life. You are a beautiful life. Thinking of you and miss you.

10.Just wake up this morning and thinking about you already, you are always on my mind.

11.You have been on my mind since morning, I am not thinking of any other thing except you, you are so dear.

12.You are my sweet love and I will keep thinking of you, you alone own my heart, I love you.

13.I feel so good to think about you, have a cheerful night, I love you.

14.If everything goes away, my love for you would always endure forever, thinking about you, I love you.

15.I can’t stop thinking of you, you are so special, and I will keep you deep in my heart. I love you.

16.Hello Dear, I have been thinking of you so much today, hope you are having a great time out there?

17.You are all I think of day and night, every second of my life is all about you.

18.At every sunrise, I think of your beautiful smile, you are the warmness of my heart I love you.

19.I am so bored thinking of you, I am so weak because you are far away from me. I miss you, my lovely wife.

20.You have changed me into a better person; I think of you so much, I love you.

21.I am not letting you out of my sight, you are the best of all, I think of you all the time.

22.I have been thinking if you will come and see me now, you are all I think of. I love you.

23.You give me the joy to think about you, thank you for always being my beautiful thought.

24.My sweetest girl, you are so dearest and loving, how are you, hope you had a wonderful day, just thinking of you.

25.Thinking of you is good to my heart, your love is like a sweet song to my soul, I love you so much.

26.The more I think of you the better my heart feels, I want to keep you in mind for the whole time.

27.You are beautiful, so I think about you all the time to get better in my day, I love you so much.

28.I won’t let you out of my sight again; I will go anywhere you go. I think of you all the time. I love you.

29.Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, know that I’m thinking of you, I love you.

30.my sweet potatoes, you are all I think of all through the night. You mean a lot girl, life is beautiful with you.

31.All the beautiful words that you have ever said to me becomes sweet memory in my mind, thinking about you, I love you.

32.I miss you. Everything about you is so loving, you are my love and my sweet wife.

33.I am assuring you that you will be fine over there, just remember to think about me as I think of you too, I love you.

34.It is tough without you here, but I keep the memory of you all the time, I miss you, my angel.

35.You are a cheerful lover, you live in my heart like a hero, I love to think of you in every tick of the hand of the clock.

36.If I can turn back the hands of the clock, I would repeat every beautiful moment that we share together, thinking of you, I miss you.

37.Let your life be great, forget about the troubles of today, think about the beauty of tomorrow, thinking about you, goodnight.

38.In my heart, I keep a special place for you because you are the sweetest memory of my life.

39.Thinking of you is the best I could do for a day, I enjoy having you in my heart and mind all the time, I love my boyfriend.

40.I love you so much, you are my pride, I will not stop loving you till the end of time.

41.You are the beautiful memory that pops up on my head this morning, how wonderful I feel to think about you, I love you.

42.I am very excited to hear from you, but I have been thinking of you all through the night, you are my all in all. I love you.

43.You make me feel joyful to think about you, I pray that your heart is filled with harmony.

44.In every beautiful moment that passes I don’t escape thinking about you, thank you for bringing paradise to my heart, I love you.

45.A beautiful day is the one that you live in my heart, I hope I’m on your mind too, wishing you the best.

46.You have been on my mind, I wish you are here with me; I am missing you so much. Thinking of you all through the day.

47.Thinking of you dear, how you have been, I need to know, hope great and strong, wish you a successful day my dear. Just thinking of you.

48.My day is incomplete without you in my heart, just saying hello. I miss you.

49.You are my everyday beautiful life, thank God I found you, may your full of sweet memories.

50.We may be in different location right now, but I’m sure we are thinking the same thing because you rule in my heart all the time.

51.Every day is a sweet memory for me because I get to think about you in every second that passes, I love you.

52.I can feel you your absent my love, I know that without you my day is incomplete. I miss you.

53.I wish to see you as I always think of you, I am so happy to be in your life. I will not stop the love in our life.

54.I will hope to have you in my dreams, the way I think of you, I cannot do anything without you. you mean a lot to me.

55.I know tomorrow would be more beautiful for us because your love has found a beautiful place in my heart.

56.I get better when I think of you while you are away, thank you for always making me feel happy, I love you so much.

57.I can’t stop the thinking, you are all over my head, I can’t think straight. You are my superman, my love will not cease from you.

58.The only sweetheart I know, you are my special man, I think of you all the time, what can I do without you. I need you soon.