33 Smart Funny Birthday Messages For Husband

Visit:3077   Updated: 2023/05/12

1.Happy birthday, husband! May your day be filled with cake, love, and a minimal amount of chores.

2.Happy birthday, husband! Here’s to another year of love, laughter, and tolerating each other’s quirks.

3.Happy birthday, husband! Just remember, you don’t get older, you just level up in the game of life.

4.Happy birthday to my husband, who still makes my heart skip a beat – or maybe that’s just the coffee kicking in!

5.Dear husband, I love you more than anything, except maybe cake. Happy birthday, and remember, sharing is caring!

6.To my husband, the king of dad jokes, happy birthday! May your day be filled with laughter and terrible puns.

7.Happy birthday, hubby! Let’s celebrate another year of me pretending to laugh at your jokes.

8.Happy birthday, husband! Remember, age is just a number… but in your case, it’s getting to be a pretty big one!

9.Happy birthday, hubby! Remember, age is just a number, and you’re only as old as you feel – or act!

10.Dear husband, it’s your birthday, so kick back, relax, and let me take care of everything… just like every other day. Happy birthday!

11.Happy birthday, hubby! Here’s to another year of me pretending to be surprised when you tell me the same joke for the hundredth time.

12.Happy birthday, husband! Here’s to another year of us laughing at our own jokes and making others question our sanity.

13.Happy birthday to the man who’s been both my knight in shining armor and the jester who makes me laugh. I wouldn’t trade you for the world!

14.To my husband, you might be another year older, but I promise not to call you an old man… at least, not in public. Happy birthday!

15.Happiest of birthdays to my husband, who somehow manages to look more handsome each year. What’s your secret, and can you share it with me?

16.Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my partner in crime, partner in life, and partner in late-night snack runs!

17.Happy birthday to my better half – or at least the half that’s better at remembering our anniversary!

18.Happy birthday to my favorite human and personal superhero, who never fails to save my day. Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, and lots of cake!

19.Dear husband, your birthday is the perfect time to remind you that I love you more than words can say… and that I’m still the boss. Happy birthday!

20.Happy birthday to the man who makes me laugh even when I don’t feel like smiling. Cheers to another year of your dad jokes and endless puns!

21.To my dear husband, I hope your birthday is filled with as much fun and laughter as you bring into our lives. Keep aging like a fine wine, but don’t get too tipsy!

22.To the man who keeps our family sane and always knows how to make us laugh, happy birthday! Remember, laughter lines are just proof of a life well-lived.

23.On this birthday I would like to remind you that I shall always stick by you, oh dear husband. Whether you like it or not! I love you, happy birthday!

24.Happy birthday to my beloved husband. On this day I want you to remember that you can always count on me to make you laugh and to laugh at you! Have a beautiful day.

25.Happy birthday to my lovely husband! I went out to get a gift for you, but nothing came close to what a gift I am to your being! This gift is going to stick by you forever! Have a great day.

26.Happy birthday to my dear husband. Here is yet another chance is given by God for you to spend hours in front of the tv snacking! Your presence there on the sofa is ever so comforting for me!

27.Happy birthday, husband! I know you are going to have a great today for I won’t bother you to clean after yourself today! This offer is just for today so go, have the time of your life! I love you.

28.It is your birthday! Time to go all crazy on that cake and sweets and enjoy to the fullest! Oh wait, isn’t that what you do every day though? Have a great day husband! Happy birthday.

29.Happy birthday to my husband! With your birthday here, let’s welcome another year of me listening to you snore loud enough to wake up the whole house! I hope this turns out to be a great day!

30.Happy birthday to my amazing husband. God has given you yet another chance to get things done! You desperately needed it! The work isn’t going to get itself done! Let’s go, we can celebrate later!

31.Happy birthday to the best husband in the world. Well, maybe the second-best or third best? Wait, I need a moment to think about this! You’re somewhere on the list. Anyway, happy birthday love!

32.Hey hubby, on your birthday, I want to let you know that you’re the greatest gift I’ve ever received. But don’t worry, I got you a gift too!

33.On your birthday, I wanted to remind you that I love you more than pizza, but don’t make me choose between you and chocolate.