14 Reasons I Love You Quotes

Visit:575   Updated: 2023/05/16

1.You are a philanthropist which is one of the key reasons why I love you.

2.You please me with the latest technology then be it a mobile phone, laptop, software, etc.

3.You every time pull me towards you so that I feel the warmth of your body.

4.You leave notes to remind me about the activities to be done in the day like breakfast, dinner, etc.

5.You wait for me to get back home so we can finish watching the series together.

6.You make me go weak in my knees when you dress up for office meetings.

7.You lovingly go to the kitchen to cook but need my hand in everything you do.

8.You are one person in the world who values me more than I value myself!

9.You never doubt my choices. And even if you do, you explain to me with love.

10.You think I am the most beautiful person even when I am dressed in my pyjamas.

11.You have been a part of my life in the worst as well as in the best situations.

12.You know who is playing the evil card with you and deal with it maturely.

13.You help me with DIY (do it yourself) craft and make sure to equip me with all the essentials.

14.You console me with ‘I’ll fix this for you’ and you make sure it’s done.