32 Smart Free Fall In A Sentence

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1.Or is it better to be free, fall in love and be happy, if only for a short while.

2.Witches are the one category of paranormal fiction that is a free fall into never never land.

3.From the moment Troy dives off the ferry to save Paul, you are in a free fall with her.

4.First Dan Rather, now Republican Senator Bob Corker say the White House is in free fall.

5.Its scientists have created a new species of human, one that finds free fall its natural habitat.

6.The damage : a 6-2 loss to an uncelebrated Texas starter, Doug Davis, and a Rangers club in free-fall.

7.Obama did an outstanding job like taking over the economy which was in free fall at the time.

8.Free fall is a reincarnated and expanded version of the little stand alone short, Future Tense.

9.The continued free fall erosion of the economy is bringing about a marked change in society.

10.It can drop fast, almost like in a free fall, giving rise to perceptions of a crash.

11.We enter a free fall with her and watch her life wash away before our eyes.

12.I was happy with the Frozen free fall and now I am extra excited for this Maleficent one.

13.He decides to get away to relook the direction of his life that seems to be in free fall.

14.Indoor sky diving is super fun but it lacks in that same adrenaline rush of the free fall.

15.A piece of work and a piece in the puzzle of the free fall of enlightenment values.

16.Bodett has also written The free fall of Webster Cummings and Norman Tuttle on the Last Frontier.

17.Free fall pinsetters are still in service in some bowling centres in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

18.In a reference frame that is in free fall alongside these bodies, they appear to hover weightlessly -but not exactly so.

19.And do yourself a favor and get the stick out of your ass and free fall off your pedestal.

20.Optimism over the benefits of unregulated capitalism led to the 2008 free fall of our economy.

21.Over the next hours the spacecraft is in free fall toward the lunar surface, constantly accelerating in the lunar gravity.

22.If you didn't know any better, you'd expect a sudden drop and free fall when you hit the top floor.

23.Net of everything, a rough sense of stability in the trade gap is telling you that the U.S. and global economy are no longer in a free-fall.

24.Analogously, the world lines of test particles in free fall are spacetime geodesics, the straightest possible lines in spacetime.

25.The two underwing stations could carry two PL-5 IR guided AAMs, unguided rocket pods or free-fall bombs.

26.These did not have the Spirale chaff system, and carried a pair of AN . 52 free-fall nuclear bombs before the ASMP was ready.

27.However, Galileo' s free fall motions and Kepler' s planetary motions remained distinct during Galileo' s lifetime.

28.The free fall of the dollar in the late 1970s forced the US to tighten monetary policy and address its budget deficits, commencing the correction of double-digit inflation.

29.:: : Let's see . . . the man could be in a microgravity environment or in free-fall, in which case the string will be in a plane, although the idea of a horizonal plane could be meaningless.

30.By the time Parnevik was through completing his free fall with a bogey 5 on the 18th, the eccentric Swede had slipped to a second-place tie with Darren Clarke, the Ulsterman with the ample belly.

31.The Forsaker Creek ( ) runs through the nature reserve and passes the Forsakar Waterfalls ( ), the upper fall having a free fall of 7.4 metres and the lower fall having a free fall of 10.6 metres.

32.Equivalence principle (EP), as one of the fundamental hypotheses of Einstein's general relativity, has been tested by many experiments, including the torsion balance scheme and the free fall one.