45 + 25 Word Sentence Examples

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1.Many words were spoken differently in areas as close to each other as 25 miles distance.

2.I often tell myself that I do not understand something unless I can explain it in 25 words or less.

3.These lists are divided into words which appear over 100, 25 49, and less than 24 times.

4.Also, this is a hundred dollar shower head, they should include 25 cents of thread tape.

5.This product has 40 lessons in it with an average of about 25 words per lesson.

6.I even mentioned to her that I am under 25 years old and if it would change the price.

7.The range of my golf cart is 25 miles and it is quite zippy around town.

8.The final 25 pages are reserved for various glossaries and definitions of words found in the text.

9.Several disappointments since my last review, after 25 years I will no longer be returning to MGM.

10.When staff sees that and does nothing, I would rather spend the $25 to $40 someplace else.

11.The agencies will handles debts of $25,000 or less, with larger debts pursued by the IRS.

12.Is plenty of room for extra 25 feet if you guide cord when cranking the handle.

13.I had the chef's steak, which was right around $25 and my GF had the lamb.

14.This story is so weak, forced and simple that it could be summarized in about 25 words.

15.The hour-long, 25-word written test included words such " pervicacious, " meaning stubborn, and " cutigeral, " or skin-bearing.

16.It is a compilation of his 25 years of writing, filled with words of encouragement and wisdom.

17.The price is really good only 10 dollars a month and a 25 dollar service fee once a year.

18.And then she snapped at my father when he asked why we were being charged $25.

19.The bowling is a bit pricy at $25 per half hour or in other words $50 per hour for 8 people.

20.However this contract is a very long term commitment 20, 25 or 30 years or more.

21.My car has been getting 23 to 24 for the last two years and maybe 25 to 26 before that.

22.The quality and originality reminds me of San Francisco, where I lived for over 25 years.

23.A singular doll is going to cost around $16 anyways, so getting two for $25 is actually a deal.

24.Duh i was in retail for 25 years customer service and this was not customer service.

25.It was also exposed that a great deal of whiplash claims from people who were under the age of 25.

26.I don't know what else to say and I need 25 words or it won't be published, so I am rambling a bit.

27.Too many times in this material, Hanson says in 25 words what other authors might say in 12.

28.He is full of himself and uses a bunch of 25 cent words, but he was a heck of a running back.

29.In other words, an applicant to EEP with a score of 33 will have no advantage over another student who scored 25.

30.I have been eating at Los Dos Molinos for over 25 years at 3 of their locations.

31.Worth reading and playing around with a couple of times but definitely not worth $25 each.

32.The line on a Saturday morning around 10 was 25 people deep, but it moved along quickly.

33.Burning only 3 hours a night, a 25,000 hour bulb, if works as advertised, will last over 2 decades.

34.About 1 in 4 people or 25 percent of people can't or don't like swallowing pills.

35.Today, it ranks fifth as the primary cause of death of people between the ages of 25 44 years old.

36.In other words, if my home is being insured for $250,000, the unattached structures have an insured limit of $25,000 automatically.

37.We get a ton of food, plus a drink plus churros, and never walk out of there paying more than $25.

38.At the end of a long trip and TSA lines the last thing you want is to wait 25 minutes for a shuttle.

39.I regularly buy from this online boutique and pay the extra $25 US shipping fee to Canada.

40.When I turned 25 I felt invincible and on top of my game all the time.

41.In another, 25 students were assigned to finish George Orwell's " Animal Farm " in 25 minutes, a feat that required a reading rate of 1, 400 words a minute.

42.After filling out 25 pages of medical history which is totally ludicrous for just a massage.

43.Wright, using more innocent words like feijoa ( an evergreen shrub ) and zebu ( a domesticated ox ), won the best-of-five final round in three games and pocketed a $ 25, 000 prize.

44.If you're a fan of the original, or curious, get this title for no more than $25 30.

45.That is 32 dumplings in three different varieties for two people that comes to around $25 all in.