18 Smart Sentence With These Letters

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1.I'm trying to get someone at the IRS to give me the proper address for these letters.

2.If you get one of these letters, don't be fooled into thinking it's from the county.

3.Mahomet seems to have meant these letters for a mystic reference to the archetypal text in heaven.

4.The first of these letters made its way to Dawkins' web site and received numerous responses.

5.To Peter's surprise, his mother had kept all of these letters from Russia until she died.

6.She did, however, learn a lot about her broken family and herself while writing these letters.

7.As Rebecca reads these letters, she begins to have insight about her father as a man and a husband.

8.These letters give some insights into the events on the ground as seen by the soldiers.

9.This bias aside, these letters made it easy to see how animals became endangered and extinct.

10.Bellow is of course also throughout these letters a master stylist a writer whose language is alive.

11.These letters gave me loads to think about, as I believe it will for serious believers of Christ.

12.In the Shortz era, these letters or abbreviations, in singular or plural, have been clued as.

13.Dropped against the tapestry of genocide and a world war, these letters become much more compelling.

14.Scarcely had these letters been despatched when the king received a papal bull ordering the immediate reinstatement of Gustavus Trolle.

15.Since the start of the name of a letter was expected to be the sound of the letter ( the acrophonic principle ), in Greek these letters came to be used for vowels.

16.While writing one of these letters, Harriet realises that there is one person she has overlooked : an RAF pilot named Alan Brinklow, billeted in the village while recovering from a broken ankle.

17.Change the object into subject. If in object, we have a pronoun of object case we convert them by following rules.

18.Change the subject into object. And use by before the object. If in subject, we have a pronoun of nominative case convert that by the following rules.