10 Smart Sentences To Confuse People

Visit:233   Updated: 2023/05/20

1.I got hit by a trolley and now I am confused about how not to get trolled.

2.“If one teacher can’t teach all subjects, why is one child expected to learn all subjects?

3.“You spot a boat full of people but there isn’t a single person on board. How is this possible?” Because they are all married.

4.I love this stupidly brilliant idea like I love leftovers before I dump them into a trash can.

5.My butt just spoke, excuse us, but I am so excited. I didn’t know we would be having a discussion again.

6.When someone says something you think is false or far fetched, you can say “I celebrated my 90th last week”

7.“What if you remove the wings of a fly, would it still be called a fly or a walk?”

8.My mother’s sister’s husband’s cousin will be visiting and I am wondering how unvisiting works.

9.You look as fresh as today’s bread. You smell as soothing as sand when it’s been kissed by new rain.

10.“Why are deliveries on a ship called cargo but in a car, it is called shipment?”