13 Smart Social Construct In A Sentence

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1.In a European context, race really is a social construct, but not in a global context.

2.Race is a social construct, in much the same way that money is a social construct.

3.He was precocious as well in recognizing that race is a social construct not an immutable fact.

4.Gender is a social construct that has been used to demean and oppress women for centuries.

5.While I agree race is a social construct, I'd still have to add it to your list with class.

6.And they examine the country's social construct that likely has contributed to the continued existence of black English.

7.Race is real, what's a social construct is the way it's been used to subjugate others.

8.To all the people who say, Gender is a social construct, I can only say, So is everything else.

9.One quite helpful way of understanding social change is to construct simplified, even idealised, pictures of a past community life.

10.This consideration and reinvigoration is essentially founded on the social construct of the relationship between man and woman.

11.The fourth is to examine the relationship among teaching, research and social service function, construct coordinated system about functions.

12.She further adds, " By choice or by compulsion, people interpret and respond to it in different ways as they construct, deconstruct and reconstruct their social identities .".

13.During today's legalized modernization process, China should also comply with the right of social relations, and construct the Chinese-style family court system.