100 + Break Up Message For Girlfriend

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1.Breaking relationships with you is really hard for me. You have been a habit in my life.

2.I want you to be FREE, but I can watch you SOAR far away from me.

3.Breaking up will hurt me more than it will hurt you – just like how being together gave me more joy than it did to you.

4.I’m not afraid to fall in LOVE, I’m afraid to fall for a wrong person again.

5.A breakup is not something I had on my mind but I still want it – just like how love was not on yours but you still pretended to.

6.I am the same girl who gave you my heart to love it. Instead, you chose to corrode it with malice, bit by bit. Goodbye.

7.I am breaking up with you. Our relationship will die but our love will live on.

8.I never asked for a lot. All I ever wanted was to be liked by you for who I was and not for who you wanted me to be.

9.Our relationship was always about give and take… until you stopped giving but never stopped taking. Goodbye.

10.I am breaking up with you because you always looked for things that were wrong, but in reality, everything was perfect all along.

11.I learned that folks leave, although they need to promise a thousand times that the needs.

12.It must be really sad to not be ready to do something you’re keen on because the years pass .

13.I am breaking up with you… maybe I’ll regret this, maybe I won’t. But it doesn’t matter, because I know you won’t.

14.I never thought that my feelings for you would change but then again, I never thought that you would change either. Goodbye.

15.I was born the day I met u, lived a short time when u loved me, died a touch once we broke.

16.I hate when people say they miss you, but don’t make an effort to talk to you or see you.

17.I can’t serve in your life anymore as a wife. I promise that I will be a good friend of yours and it will be better for both of you.

18.Hey dear, I am sorry for breaking your heart. I think it’s better for you to accept reality. And the reality is, we can’t be together anymore. It’s time to break this relation.

19.Expecting to break up without hurting someone, is like expecting yourself to fall in love without liking someone.

20.Nothing can come close to the intensity with which I loved you, except maybe the intensity with which you took me for granted.

21.Walking away from our relationship is not something I wanted to do. This day would never have come if you loved me like the way I have always loved you.

22.I want to break up with you. It’s not that I have begun to hate you but it’s because my heart has stopped loving you.

23.I still can’t understand, why it didn’t work out between me and you. Maybe our love was really too good to be true.

24.People cry, not because they are weak, it’s because they have been high for too long.

25.The problem with our relationship was that you were busy trying to mold it according to the whims and fancies of everyone around us while I was busy enjoying it for what it was. Goodbye.

26.You are not worth my love if you need reasons to find me worthy of yours. Goodbye.

27.I know you can get hundreds of boys in your life. But it’s not possible to find one who will love you like me. But I wish you for your good. This is the final message. I am sorry for everything.

28.I am breaking up with you because my heart was busy dancing to the beats of love while yours spoilt the party by sulking in the corners of fakeness and jealousy.

29.Even though we are breaking up I will never hate the love that we once had. After all, it’s not love’s fault that you never embraced the good and always spotted the bad.

30.Is trying very hard to stay it all at once , but has run out of string and super glue.

31.I loved you, I loved spending time with you, but you never loved me in return. Now I can’t keep these things going anymore. I have a heart too. I think I need a break now. Take care of yourself, goodbye.

32.You need to be sorry for all the cheating you have done to me. You will get a result for yourself in the near future. You have played with my honesty and my trust. I will never forgive you.

33.My love may be unconditional but there was an unspoken condition when I gave you my heart – it’s yours only as long as you love it. Goodbye.

34.This is the last message to you. I want to tell you that please don’t contact me again. I want to get rid of all these nonsense fights and fake love. I hope you can understand me well.

35.The time has come to say goodbye, even though it will make me cry. I never thought that it would come to this, but this is our last kiss.

36.Breaking up with you is not my choice but I don’t have any other option – just like how loving me was a choice but you did it as if you had no other option.

37.Things would have never come to the point of walking away if you had not kept deceiving me with your lies every day. Goodbye.

38.All this time my heart loved you with all its might, not knowing that the malice in yours would reduce it to a sorry plight.

39.It’s so strange that we have been a stranger to each other. It’s time to move on, I always wish you will have a good time. Take care of yourself, bye.

40.Hey, this is my final message to you. I will not contact you again after this. I think it’s time to get rid of the nonsense thing named a relation. I am sure you will have an amazing time.

41.It will be very hard for me to start again. I never thought that we could get apart. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you will have an amazing time ahead and you will enjoy yourself.

42.I just had one important priority in our relationship – YOU. The problem was that we both had the same priority.

43.Relationships are like awesome road trips. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful views instead of complaining about the bumps and the potholes.

44.All this time, you were hell-bent on counting the number of times I tried to make you happy while I was focused on counting the number of times I stopped you from feeling sad. Goodbye.

45.Hey, everything has finished. And there is nothing to tell. I am just writing this message to you to let you know that it’s my final message to you. I won’t contact you then and I hope you won’t too.

46.I never thought that our marriage would come into a situation like this. But it’s really that I think there is no love between us. It’s better to have a divorce than being in a relationship like this.

47.I have respect for you and it will be always. I don’t know why you broke my heart and left me. But I will keep loving you always and it will be hard for me to start something new.

48.What really hurts, isn’t how you make me feel like a loser today, but the memories of how you made me feel special before.

49.Don’t cry once the sun is gone as a result of the tears will not allow you to see the scars.

50.I will never deny that I loved you. But someone has rightly said that with time, things change… and so did you. Goodbye.

51.Every moment we have spent together will be a memory that I will hold close to my heart. But now is the time to move on and make a new start. We are breaking up but I don’t regret being girlfriend and boyfriend. We have always understood each other and I hope our friendship never ends.

52.Our breakup may be bitter but it won’t leave lasting scars. Our relationship has been an awesome ride all along. It is just unfortunate that after every party, a hangover is inevitable.

53.I am breaking up with you because I think there is no love between us and you are cheating with me for a while. I can’t stand by this situation. You are the worst person and that was a huge mistake to be with you. I hope you won’t text me again.

54.I knew I fell in love with you on the day when my heart became yours and refused to be mine. Today it’s time to walk away because your heart refuses to be mine.

55.Breakup means breakup, I never want to see your face again. I hope you will never text me again. I won’t be respectful to you if you break this rule. I am not going to text you and it’s the final text, goodbye.

56.It’s always better to be alone than to be with a person like you. I never thought that you could hurt me. But you did. You continuously hurt me and never stopped. You never tried to understand me. That’s enough for a person to tolerate. I can’t take these things anymore, I need a break. Take care of yourself, goodbye.

57.I am sorry for everything. I had no way but to break up with you. I hope you will forgive me for all the mistakes I have made. I wish you an amazing future. I am sure that you will have a beautiful person in your life better than me.

58.I have complete love and respect both for you and I don’t want to ruin the respect at all. That’s why I am writing you this message. I want a break and I don’t want any scenes to be made. I know you are mature enough to understand. I can’t take this relation ahead.

59.I never wanted to break your heart, but the situation is not on my favor. I am really sorry for everything honey, you were the best part of my life. I will never forget you, take all my love and good wishes for your future. I know you will be someone very special in future.

60.Goodbye to you, I am breaking the relation here today. I think there is no love between us anymore and there is no meaning of continuing a relationship where there is no love. Take care of yourself and goodbye.

61.It’s not that I don’t care about your feelings, but things haven’t remained the same. For the way we have drifted apart, we both are to blame. How much longer all this can go on, I have my doubts. Breaking up and going our separate ways, is the only way out.

62.Our breakup will hurt me as much as it hurts you, but it is something that we must do. Our fights and arguments have ripped our love to shreds, there’s no point in trying to revive something that is already dead.

63.I want a break. I think you don’t love me anymore. And there is no love in my heart for you. In this situation, it’s not a good decision to keep this relationship going on. So I need a break. This is the last message of mine and I will never text you again, I hope you won’t text me back.

64.You insulted my commitment with betrayal and marred my love with lies. You were indifferent to my pleas and apathetic to my heart’s cries. Since you don’t have a spine, let me say this to you – there is no way out now, breaking up is all that is left to do.

65.Good things have ended in our relationship. There are only fights, nonsense talks and abuse between us. I think it’s better to end all these blame games. I have been so tired and I think I can’t keep these things going on. Take care.

66.I don’t want to repeat how you broke my heart, because I have enough respect for you. I never want to think you wrong and that it’s not possible to keep a relationship with you knowing that you don’t love me anymore. Take care of yourself and be good.

67.I think you don’t understand me at all. And I can’t take this anymore. I am a person with enough patience but now everything has crossed the limit. So it’s time to leave all these things behind and choose our own paths. And that’s why I am breaking up with you and I hope you will take care of yourself, goodbye.

68.All of my friends told me not to get serious with you. But I never heard of them. I chose to hear my heart. As a result, what have I got today? It’s all a cheat. I can’t stand anymore. I need to cry a lot. I never thought I would have to face this type of negative thing in my life. I need a break and I hope you will never contact me again.

69.I feel like there is no love between us anymore. I don’t know why I am feeling this, but I can’t take this feeling anymore. I want to solve all these today. I want to tell you that, I can’t continue this relationship, I need a break. And that’s a breakup, take care.

70.When I saw you for the first time ever, that was a very beautiful moment of my life. I thought everything would be amazing with you. And we got married within a couple of months but I realized later that you are not the perfect one for me. You never tried to understand me. Here is the ending and I am going to break this relation.

71.It is not possible for me to continue this relationship. As my wife, I tried my best to give you the highest respect. But at the end of the day, I failed to understand you and you didn’t try to understand me. I think any relationship can’t keep going this way. That’s why I need a break.

72.I never thought that I would tell anything like this to you, but today I have to. You are not one who deserves my love and my care. You know when someone loves you, you need to respond. You will understand the meaning of true love later in your life, stay good.

73.Even Though we are breaking up, I am not going to treat you like an enemy. You will be a good friend always. I hope you won’t mind getting connected with me. As I respect you best and I want to keep myself as a part of your life.

74.I am writing this goodbye message to you to let you know that I loved you really and you played with my emotion. I can’t keep going as a toy that you want to play. That’s enough and I am breaking up this here, I know you will have an amazing time without me.

75.I would never fall in love with you that deeply if I learned that you will hurt me this way. I will regret this entire life. I never thought that you can hurt me. But you did. You keep hurting me. And I am a human, I have a heart, I can’t take these anymore. We are here in the ending, take care and goodbye.

76.We had a great time together and it’s not possible to forget that memory at all. I am thankful for the beautiful time. But it’s time to break up all the nonsense fighting, misunderstanding and disbelief. And that’s why I am breaking up with you. I hope you will have a good future ahead.

77.I still love you, I don’t deny it. But you have corroded my trust, bit by bit. Things would have been just fine if you had stopped your lies. All you needed to do, was to hear my heart’s cries. We were a perfect couple, so carefree and happy. It’s a pity that the beauty of our love, you just couldn’t see. Goodbye.

78.I always begged you to change your behavior and treat me better. But you never did. You were really cruel to me and behaved like a jerk. I can’t take these anymore. I tolerated it for a long time because I loved you. Now I think there is no love between us, it’s over.

79.We had a great time together. The last two years were the best time of my life. But everything has an ending and it’s ending now. According to the situation I can’t keep continuing this relationship with you, I hope you can understand it. I feel there is no love between us, we are just living together to keep contributing to a rule. It is my last message to you.

80.Goodbye to you, I wish good luck to you always. I know you will have an amazing time. It has been really hard to understand you and I can’t keep this situation going. That’s why I have decided to break the relationship with you. Take care of yourself.

81.I wanted to love you, I tried my best to be with you. But it’s you who don’t want to keep the relationship going on. And finally, I have decided to accept your thinking and I am moving on, going away, not going to contact you again, that’s the final message, goodbye.

82.This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped finding faults and looked at my strengths instead. This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped bickering about the things I hadn’t done and appreciated the things I did. This day wouldn’t have come if you had stopped listening to what others told you and listened to what your heart had to say.

83.It’s over, everything between us has been finished. I will be happy if you never contact me again. It will be really sad for me if you text me. Because I can’t ignore you. But I will do it if I have to. It’s better to be alone, goodbye.

84.I am sorry to say that I don’t think I love you anymore. I need some time and space. I have been exhausted with all these things. And you don’t have enough time for me, I think we both should move on. Maybe later we will understand the priority. Goodbye and take care of yourself.

85.Having a girlfriend means a lot. I have so much expectation that you will love me, and will take care of me a lot. But you proved me wrong. Maybe it was not a good thing to keep expectations on love, but I did. That’s my mistake and I need a break now. Because I know you won’t be able to make yourself how I want. Take care and goodbye.

86.Breaking a relationship seems easy to you. You wanted space and freedom and here I am giving it to you. Now I hope you will be okay with the situation. I am not going to bother you anymore and please never ever text me back again.

87.I think you have changed a lot. You don’t have any time for me. You don’t have any love for me. And I can’t tolerate all these things. That’s why I decided to get a divorce. And I hope you will be respectful with my decision.

88.Hey, you could have thousands of boys in your life, but you will never find one like me. Maybe you will find someone smarter than me, but you won’t find anyone who will love you more than me. I pray for you, best of luck.

89.You had the most precious place in my heart. I never thought that I can throw you away from this place. But now the situation has changed and you have gone away from me. I can understand that you don’t love me anymore and that’s fine. I accept that and I am moving on too. Take care of yourself.

90.We both need to keep ourselves positive and fine. I break up isn’t a good thing but I have no other way. It’s over. I think there is no love between us. And we need to move on before ending respect for each other. I have enough respect for you and I know you have too.

91.You could have been honest instead of pretending that you loved me. By walking away, I am setting your heart free. It will push a dagger right through my heart, but the pain will be worth it because you never loved me from the very start.

92.I wanted to love you, honestly, I tried my best. But I don’t know why every time you pushed me away. I can’t take this anymore. There is no meaning to keep a relation like this. We both need time and space. And that’s why I am breaking up with you, take care, goodbye.

93.I am so tired of all these nonsense fights and blaming games. I can’t take these anymore. I have a heart and one heart can’t tolerate that much pain. You never tried to understand me, even though I think you never loved me. That’s over, we are breaking up and taking care of yourself.

94.As we have spent so many years together, it was an amazing journey for my life. I always promised to be with you whatever the situation is. But now I can realize you don’t want my companion anymore. I don’t know what happened to you and why you have changed so much. I tried to understand a lot, but I failed. That’s why I am going to make an ending in this marriage. I want a divorce and I hope you will understand.

95.You are an amazing person. You were really supportive and caring. I will never forget your contribution to my life. I have been so successful in working life because of your help. But it’s time to end this relationship. I hope you will have a great time.

96.Hey, it’s my last message to you. I think I am not a good girl to be your girlfriend. You will have thousands of girls in your life to make them GF. I can’t take your ignorance anymore. Everything has a limit and it’s the ending for our relationship. Take care, goodbye.

97.I can’t stop crying not because you are leaving me, it’s because I can’t see the death of all my dreams within a couple of hours. I organized all the thoughts, the dreams together and it took a couple of years, but it has broken within a couple of hours, take care dear.

98.It’s hard to say goodbye because I have the best memories with you. But still, I have to be strong and need to control my emotions. It’s the final message that I am sending to you. I won’t send any message then. I hope you will be okay and will have a good time.

99.Hey, I know you love a lot and I love you too. It has been so amazing to be with you. We have spent some amazing years together. But now the situation has changed a lot. I think it’s better to be apart. And I am really sorry about this. Please forgive me for everything.

100.I am so lucky that I have been introduced to a person like you in my life. I have got some beautiful and important lessons. The journey with you was full of love and memories. I will miss you and I hope we both will carry respect for each other.