20 + Multiple Quotes In One Sentence

Visit:1602   Updated: 2023/06/27

1.During a recent rain storm I had a report of a roof leak that required multiple quotes.

2.Willing to go over multiple quotes in order to get the customer exactly what they want.

3.I didn't get multiple quotes, so I can't say if their prices were competitive or not, thus 4 stars.

4.After getting multiple quotes for having the exterior of my home painted we went with APC.

5.Many websites let you get quotes form multiple sources from one page which lessens the time more.

6.I would highly recommend getting multiple quotes and not trust this smooth talker at face value.

7.I decided to go with Expert Flooring Solutions after a lot of research and multiple quotes.

8.I took my car to a few other shops prior to my friends recommendation and received multiple quotes.

9.After getting multiple quotes, I'm so glad we chose Express Solar to do our blinds and shutters.

10.You will even be able to come across multiple websites that offer cheap auto insurance quotes.

11.I got multiple quotes from several companies each with various warranties from 1yr to 10 yrs.

12.If a complete sentence or independent clause precedes the quotation, a colon is the appropriate mark of punctuation.

13.When the quotation is merged into a clause, no punctuation is necessary to divide them.

14.A colon or semicolon is placed outside the quotation marks (regardless of whether or not it exists in the quoted material).

15.Websites like RentersInsurance.net and NetQuote.com both provide quotes from multiple insurance companies to help renters find the best coverage at the lowest price.

16.Benefits for buyers include free price quotes, and the ability to easily shop for the best prices because they receive multiple bids from competing vendors.

17.Be sure you've checked around and received multiple pricing quotes while verifying the credentials of your dermatologist or physician prior to committing to removal.

18.If the quotation is preceded by a form of a word like say, reply, or answer, that word is followed by a comma.

19.Do not place any mark of punctuation inside the quotation marks at the beginning of a quoted phrase, and do not use an ellipsis(...) at the beginning of the quotation.

20.The final period or comma goes inside the quotation marks, even if it is not a part of the quoted material, unless the quotation is followed by a citation.  If a citation in parentheses follows the quotation, the period follows the citation.  If a superscript footnote number is used, it follows the period and the quotation marks.