19 Smart Spiritual Messages From God

Visit:1909   Updated: 2023/07/06

1.He told me to love and forgive and He gave me a piece of light to carry with me.

2.He walked up to me and said I have a wonderful family and to be strong and everything will be all right.

3.Everything went as you said until I sat down and talked with God. Then God and I talked about my sins and how I need to live a good life. How to keep speaking to Him for the answers and forgiveness.

4.It happened that there was a presence, not really anything visual. But I knew I wasn't alone. I was at peace and felt okay--safe.

5.I just felt at peace with my surroundings and myself. I felt loving and loved.

6.I had communicated through my mind and heart. My soul was peaceful and calm. My body was relaxed and willing. My mind was clean and open. Fresh air filled my lungs as I breathed in.

7.I imagined all the sweet things, like ocean, beach, path, water, and flowers. I was in touch with God--I was wearing white. I sat under a tree and was whole with God. He said nothing but His face was beautiful and He even wiggled His toes. Forgiveness was so much there. I went off with Him.

8.I could see a light and the light was talking to me. It said for me not to give up because I can do it and He will be there for, me when I need help. That I'm His child and there will be a time when He will come to get me.

9.I seriously tried to reach 'conscious contact' for the third time since I've been here. For the first time I felt something. I saw my Power as a bright and warm light. I asked for help, forgiveness, and strength, for Him to PLEASE love me too. I asked for strength--thanked Him for the fact that I am alive and here. And that we all are alive and here. Felt, (still feel) a beautiful warm feeling inside my whole body!

10.He sat by me then we got up and went for a walk on the beach and I asked Him questions. He asked me what I wanted most out of life. And I said, "money, to be secure." And He said, "If I lived within you, would you feel secure?" And I thought, Wow! Yes, Yes I would, so He blended into me and I felt the best feeling ever. And then I walked on the beach alone feeling great.

11.God told me that I had to work with my wife, show her love, compassion, trust, talk to her, share with her, and hold her. He told me to pray for her. He didn't really talk to me much. He is going to help me in my sobriety. My wife and I are someday going to have wonderful, healthy children.

12.As I was sitting against the tree, Jesus sat down across from me and smiled. He spoke no words, but I heard Him in my head. He offered me love and peace--serenity. I felt His love and peace flow through me--all the while, He kept smiling.

13.There was a stare down at first but nothing happened. It was like He would not forgive me of all the things I have done wrong. Although I did want to make peace with Him He acted as if He didn't want to make peace with me.

14.When I sat down, I was kind of scared. But then He started talking and He said He loved me. He is sorry that I was hurt but He wanted me to understand that it was a teaching. He said that now I am beginning to let love in. He said that I would be loved. There was some bad perception in it.

15.I was on the island at the palm trees and listening to the waves. I heard a voice call my name from the forest. Curious but unafraid, I went. Went and saw God. He told me He was proud of me for coming back to Him. He tells me I have a lot of spirit inside me to give to others, to help others. He told me that He missed me, that my Grandma was doing a-okay!

16.When I was on the island, I felt very peaceful as if nobody could hurt me. I didn't feel frightened when I saw God because I knew that He loved me. When my higher power hugged me, I felt a warm sensation throughout my body. I could feel all the love He had for me.

17.When I first closed my eyes, I saw something in my mind--a color, a texture--that I knew right away was the higher power; but it said nothing to me. But one thing I did come to understand was that the higher power had a reason for not communicating with me. It was due to the fact that I have not been enrolled in the program for long. In other words, I found out the higher power wants to communicate with me, but not yet.

18.I felt a warm comforting feeling growing within me. As the figure moved closer I could feel the contentment I want or need. As I was embraced, the glowing sensation assured me of love, and took away my insecurities, and left me with a feeling of what it means to feel alive. I can still feel the feeling.

19.I felt a cool tingle all over, and a sense of comfort. He held my hand (in my mind) and proceeded through all of my inner feelings. I kept losing thought of Him and He kept coming back. I felt His hurt and anger along with a sense of understanding and peace. I felt as though something was wrong. There was something He wants me to do for Him but couldn't pin point what. A cool tingle came back along with an assurance that I will know when it's time.