11 + Dirty Text Messages To Send To Him

Visit:3842   Updated: 2023/07/06

1.Your milk is the best I’ve ever put in my mouth. It’s second to your pussy.

2.My goal in life is to make sure you cum every time you get naked in front of me.

3.You don’t even want to know how many times I pulled you out of my mind.

4.I want you to sit on my table after dinner so I can eat you for dessert.

5.I don’t know what I like more, kissing you, fuck you, or eat you out.

6.I can’t handle a minute without touching you. My hands want to touch every inch of you.

7.I like your moaning when I eat you. They gave me a lot of trouble.

8.You don’t have any clothes to wear now. I want you to touch yourself while you are reading this.

9.I want to fuck you in every room of my house, oh and in your house.

10.This is the plan. Tonight, I’ll lay you on the bed. Gently take off your clothes. and eat your pussy It’s okay, right?

11.Last night I had the scariest dream. And I can’t wait to repeat it in real life with you.