114 Best Thank You Teacher Quotes

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1.“ A good teacher tells you where to go but not what to do .”

2.“ There is no compass better than a teacher who gives direction to your dream.”

3.“ A good teacher not just gives you homework , they give you life lessons.”

4.“ A teacher is the one who gives you wings to fly and ground to be on it.”

5.“ In order to be a good teacher you firstly have to be a good human.”

6.“ A teacher gives a lot of effort to give shapes to the little minds.”

7.“ A teacher may forget your mistake but they can never forget the love you give to them.”

8.“When a teacher gives you good values ,they are giving  the values to many more generations.”

9.“Teachers can only open the way to your destination but you have to walk through it by yourself.”

10.Thank you for being my art teacher, encouraging me to be creative, and helping me learn more about myself.

11.Thank you for being an amazing art teacher. Everyone has grown as an artist and student because of you.

12.“ A teacher can see a spark in the student which is not seen by others.”

13.“ A good teacher can make your  100 days of hard work into a life changing game.”

14.Thank you, art teachers, for helping us interpret the world creatively. On behalf of all students, thank you so much.

15.“A good teacher is more recognized by what they are and not what they teach.”

16.“ The students have faith in their knowledge only because of the amazing teacher they had.”

17.“ A good school or university is a better place because the teachers are present there.”

18.“ The successful day of a teacher is the day when their student starts doing good work.”

19.“A teacher is happiest when their students give their best to their potential of work.”

20.“ The best creation of god for making a change in the world is a teacher.”

21.“ A parent gives birth to their child but a teacher teaches them how to make that life worth it.”

22.“ The teacher doesn’t give importance to your grade , they give importance to your hard work that you paid off.”

23.“ Most people have only 5-6 people who always remember them but a good teacher has a thousand of them.”

24.Thank you for all the time and effort with the students. It is a big job to take on.

25.“A teacher educates their student’ mind to understand and gives language to their heart to feel.”

26.“ Summer’s holidays are the reason a parent can see the changes in you all day.”

27.“ A student who is able to make use of their knowledge , always remembers their teacher.”

28.“ If a teacher wants their student to respect them, give them the love they strive for.”

29.“ A good teacher is like a bridge to their student to reach their destination.”

30.Thank you for guiding me through my artistic journey. I have learned so much from you and am grateful.

31.“ A good teacher never tells you to make yourself like some , they tell you to be a better version of themselves.”

32.“ Teachers are the ones who love to get challenged by their students because that is what makes them win.”

33.Thank you for teaching us so much about art. I know how hard it is. Sometimes we are rough on the class, but we appreciate what you do.

34.Thank you for the class. I had so much fun and learned a lot, especially how to use the software paint tool.

35.Thank you for your help when I was preparing for my art history exam. You taught me more than the textbook could.

36.Thank you for the lessons you gave me in art. I enjoyed making all the projects we did together and learning new techniques.

37.Thank you so, so much. I love art and love that class and everything that goes with it. You are a great teacher and an even better person.

38.Thank you to the wonderful teachers at the muse art studio. The first class was great, and I look forward to seeing you each week.

39.“The art of teaching students is the art of making them friends of discovery. ”

40.“ A teacher’s duty not just ends by giving them lessons but it also takes responsibility for them to not misuse it.”

41.“ For the world a good teacher may be just a teacher but for the student a teacher means the world to them.”

42.Thank you for teaching us how to enhance our skills. We appreciate the fact that you encourage us to continue pursuing our dreams.

43.Thank you for all you do, both at work and outside of work. You’re not just a coach but also a mentor, a colleague, and a friend.

44.Thank you for the art lessons you have taught me. I followed your instructions, and my drawing has gotten better a lot.

45.Thank you for being my art teacher. I like your class. Thank you for always helping me out with projects and giving me ideas on how to improve my artwork.

46.“ A teacher gets gratitude from their student but a good teacher gets love and respect from their student.”

47.Thank you for being amazing. I feel really lucky to be in your class. Your enthusiasm and creativity are inspiring!

48.Thank you for always helping me improve my art skills. Your guidance is invaluable and so appreciated.

49.Thank you for helping me learn to express myself and see things differently. Your class is the only one I enjoy going to each week.

50.Thank you for introducing me to my passion. I hope you know how much I love, respect and admire you.

51.Thank you for every lesson and time you helped pick out our next project. I truly enjoyed the art class this year.

52.Thank you for all of your help. You are a great mentor and teacher. Without you, I would not have become an artist. You taught me everything I know.

53.“ It is said a child is the shadow of their parents but the child’s knowledge reflects his or her teacher’s ability .”

54.Thank you for always challenging me to do my best. After taking your class, I believed that I could do anything I’m passionate about.

55.Thank you so much for being a great art teacher. Your confidence and encouragement have helped my daughter improve her art skills tremendously. She loves the class.

56.Thank you for your time and patience. Working with you is a pleasure. The class enjoys looking at your amazing collection.

57.Thank you for being great art teachers. You have inspired thousands of students and me to be creative and in awe of the world where everybody copies everybody.

58.Thank you for everything! You always help me understand that the process of creating art is far more important than the end product. You are the best art teacher ever.

59.Thank you for being so patient and kind. Your guidance has helped me a lot, and I know I won’t be here today if it weren’t for your support.

60.Thank you for toiling with me, even though you are off on weekends and I get to hang out. You push me hard, but I am thankful for the hard work my art teachers have put in over the years.

61.Thank you for being so nice to me when I started taking art lessons from you. The instructions you gave me helped me improve my work.

62.You have inspired me to continue painting and drawing. Your lessons were helpful, and your ability to connect with students is unmatched. You are the best teacher ever!

63.Thank you for making art such an enjoyable learning experience. While I was taking part, I loved my teacher so much, so I decided to get a painting of her as a present for her retirement.

64.Thank you for being the best art teacher ever. You have wonderful positive energy, and your creative ideas for lessons always amaze me. I’m truly lucky to be part of your class!

65.Thank you for encouraging me and supporting me in the art classes we share. You always tell me my work is wonderful when I feel defeated or run out of motivation. Thank you for being a great teacher!

66.Thank you for giving me so many lessons this year. Thanks to your advice and challenges, I have learned a lot, and I think I’m becoming a better artist.

67.Thank you for inspiring me to take a dare and try something new. I am glad I followed my gut when it told me to make that sketch of the still life.

68.Thank you for always being available for us, even at a moment’s notice. I can always count on you when I need help.

69.Thank you for all of your support. You are always there for me, telling me how I am doing a great job and calming me down when I get stressed out.

70.Thank you for your patience. Thank you for helping me get started on this project. Thank you for not giving up on me when I struggle with my work.

71.I am so grateful for all of your creative input and suggestions on my previous paintings. My work’s quality has been lifted even higher because of your help, my wonderful teacher.

72.Thank you for teaching me about perspective and how to let go of my inner critic when I paint. I’m much better for it. I will miss your encouraging words and sense of humour.

73.Thank you for all of the time and effort in teaching me to draw over the years. I always appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Thank you for making art interesting.

74.Thank you for being so passionate about art. I have learned many useful techniques that I can now implement into my work. Additionally, thank you for always being there with good advice.

75.Thank you for working with us, teaching us and always pushing us to do our best. You always have a smile on your face while we paint and draw. We appreciate your love of art.

76.Thank you for all that you do for me to improve my artistic knowledge. I appreciate the classes, critiques and open-door policy you have as an instructor. I can’t wait to come back for more courses.

77.Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate your notes at the end of class each week. Although I may not be great at first, seeing your comments motivates me to improve.

78.Thank you for always making the art class fun and interesting. The projects you give us are always so cool. I can’t wait to show off my clay sculpture of the Egyptian pharaoh at the next Oscars!

79.Thank you for always being there to support me and help me become a better artist. You are helpful, inspiring and supportive. You believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

80.Thank you for letting me go to this school and major in art. I made many friends and learned a lot in college. I appreciate everything you have done for me all of these years.

81.Thank you for helping me find my artistic side. You were kind and patient when I was improving, and I will always cherish the memories we share when I look at the paintings you helped me create.

82.Thank you for being so kind and caring. I have learned so much from you and hope to learn more. Your very generous heart has guided others in their artistic journeys. You are an amazing artist!

83.It’s great to have someone who supports my love for art. I appreciate your vision for me and hope I can continue growing as an artist. Thank you for always telling me how proud you are of me.

84.Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I’ve learned so much from you and have had many fun projects that led to great artwork. Thank you for being cool with me eating lunch in your room during my free period, even though I may not have had lunch yet.

85.Thank you for teaching me art. I would have never learned that one of my favourite hobbies without you. If I knew how to draw and paint, maybe I would have been able to get a better job. But everything is fine now, and I always say that you were an inspiration for all of this. Thank you!

86.Thank you for always spending extra time with me after class when I have questions. By allowing me to hang out with you in your classroom during lunch, I have gotten to know your work better and become more fascinated by it.

87.Thank you for teaching me art over the years. I never started painting very often, but I always found your lessons inspirational in a way that made me think about art in a different, more intellectual way.

88.Thank you for helping me with my drawings. I am proud to show them to you and see how they have improved over time. I don’t doubt that they will continue to improve even more as you help and guide me.

89.Thank you for everything you have done for me. You’ve opened many doors for me in your art class and in my life. The lessons you’ve taught me have been invaluable. I wish I could thank you properly, but I am forever grateful!

90.Thank you for all of the inspiration I receive from you. I will never forget how you encouraged me to unleash my creative side and try something different. Your work is interesting and impressive; it was a pleasure to be your student.

91.Thank you for all of your patience throughout the year. It has been a pleasure to be in art class with someone who truly cares about her students and is willing to stay until midnight to finish projects!

92.Thank you for being helpful and understanding. I always enjoy how you give us time to think about our art and discover the hidden things in it. Thank you for always telling the class what an amazing job we did. You have inspired me to be a better artist.

93.Thank you for teaching me art so well! I have never painted in my whole life, but now I am addicted. Thank you for giving me this beautiful painting filled with vivid colours and a great subject to paint on. I will cherish it always.

94.Thank you for every ounce of love and every minute invested in my life. Thank you for being there to answer my incessant art questions, and thank you for teaching me to be humble and appreciative of all the hard work that goes into art.

95.Thank you for everything you have done to help me. You were there when I was making my first pottery piece, and you helped me feel like I could make anything. Thank you for letting me use your kiln, even when turned off.

96.Thank you for your help. You took me under your wing and taught me a lot in such a short amount of time. I often look at my paintings with a fondness for the art lessons, and I wish that someday I could be as amazing as you are.

97.Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging. You always go out of your way to help us improve our art skills, whether helping us with a technique or giving us advice on how to make better portfolios. We are very lucky to have you.

98.Thank you for creating a fun and encouraging art class. I’ve always liked to draw but never had the confidence until I started taking your class. The encouragement to be creative has helped me grow as an artist and, more importantly, as a person.

99.Thank you for teaching me to appreciate art, giving me the passion, and encouraging me to paint. When I’m down, I remember how fondly you talk about art, and it makes me feel better. Thank you for inspiring me.

100.Thank you for all the times you went over my work with me and told me what I did right or wrong. It helps me become a better artist. Thank you for standing by my side when I have to defend my work against classmates who think my art is not that good. Thank you for always reminding me to keep an open mind as I create artwork instead of being stubborn.

101.Thank you for the wonderful art lessons we have shared these last few years. You have been so dedicated to our program, and it teaches so much to other students who have been lucky enough to share in your creativity and me.

102.Thank you for being my art teacher. I can’t imagine the class without you. Without your patient guidance, my drawing and paintings would not be anywhere close to where they are now. At first, I was hesitant to join the class, but now I am glad to have taken it. Thank you.

103.Thank you for all the wonderful lessons. I have learned a lot from you, and your passion and dedication to the art are inspirational. Thank you for taking me to the museum and making me discover new things about this amazing world we live in. You are a great art teacher.

104.Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I’m so glad you get to see me grow as an artist and push my limits with what is possible to create every year. You make art class fun and exciting, and I love how passionate you are about art.

105.It’s hard to find people who love and respect the arts as much as you do. You are making a difference in my child’s life. Your work with him is so special and important. I thank god that I had you in our lives.

106.I want to thank you for all you have done to help me develop as an artist. Your class was instrumental in exhibiting my work in several galleries and a few magazines. I know I will keep growing as an artist, and I am happy that I was privileged enough to take your course.

107.Thank you so much for everything you teach. I am looking at my past now; you gave me tons of great moments, like learning to trust my instincts, creating things with great meaning, exploring a world of mixed media, learning to love my quirky style, and devising interesting compositions, etc.

108.Thank you for encouraging me to paint every day. It has made me feel good about myself. I’m also really proud of my self-portraits, and I truly appreciate you teaching me how to be creative in ways that I didn’t previously know.

109.Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. I know it might make me feel pressured sometimes, but it has given me great results in art. Thank you for teaching me your amazing skills and giving me a better understanding of art. You’re an amazing teacher, and I love art because of you.

110.Once again, you ignite the imagination and creativity of art students. You bring a new perspective, a fresh outlook. Your guidance and support help artistic minds see their potential and give them tools to carry out meaningful work in all aspects of their lives. We are sincerely thankful for your input as an artist, enthusiast, teacher and friend.

111.Thank you for everything. I know and understand that you are underpaid, but I also understand that if it were not for your patience and expertise, I would not have done so well in the class. I moved beyond my fear of oil paints because you helped me see past my pessimism and be creative.

112.Thank you for the wonderful time we had. I have never seen a person more passionate about something. Your creativity inspires me, and your studio is filled with many beautiful paintings. Thank you for your passion, skill and hard work; it has been a true pleasure!

113.Thank you for being so patient with me when I paint. You never scold me, even though I paint on everything in the classroom and make you come back to clean it up every single day. Thank you for helping me learn new skills and having fun at art class every day.

114.Thank you for being my art teacher. As I was preparing for this speech, I looked through all my old class notes, drawings and paintings. It was like looking at a scrapbook of good times. Although my path in life has changed, your positive attitude and encouragement will stay with me forever.