10 Integrating Quotes Into An Essay

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1.Despite the grim context, The Golden Age highlights and celebrates the potential of life. Discuss.

2.“Being close made them stronger.” In The Golden Age, adversities are tempered by camaraderie. Do you agree?

3.Memories of past successes and failures have significant lingering effects on characters in The Golden Age. Is this an accurate assessment?

4.Fear of the unknown is something which permeates The Golden Age. Is this true?

5.“[I would be] a fox, following a Palomino.” How do animals such as these contribute symbolically to The Golden Age?

6.Due to the range of different onset stories, each of the children and their families in The Golden Age face a different struggle with their identity. Discuss.

7.It is largely loneliness which defines the struggles of the children in The Golden Age. Discuss.

8.In spite of their youth, it is the children of The Golden Age who understand best what it means to be an individual in the world. Do you agree?

9.“Home. She hadn’t called Hungary that for years.” In spite of all their struggle, the Golds never truly feel any sense of belonging in Australia. To what extent do you agree?

10.How do characters from The Golden Age learn, grow and mature as the novel takes its course?