41 Smart Romantic Sweet Messages For Her

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1.Nothing sounds as forceful as your voice in my heart. It urges me to be my best.

2.May these wishes and messages put a smile on your face and usher you to bed.

3.As you lay to bed this night, I’m wishing you romantic sleep filled with Love and happiness. Have a good night, Darling.

4.My spirit takes pride in your words and my heart leaps for joy at the sound of your name.

5.I’ll make the most delicious meals just to serve you like a royalty with a rare royal diadem.

6.I can imagine your voice in my head telling me sweet nothings. I love every bit of it.

7.Keep on stealing my heart away. I want to be entirely yours. I love you so much, baby.

8.On judgement day, you’ll be adorned with a royal diadem for having been the sweetest queen of love.

9.You can have it all; my heart, body, strength and might. They all belong to you.

10.I saw and I knew I wanted to see no other woman except you for the rest of my life. Be my lady till the trumpet sounds.

11.Move your body to the melody of this love. My heart would beat to the tune of your voice.

12.Kiss me till our lips become one. Give me your warmth till we share the same temperature, my love.

13.It’s such a great pleasure having you as my sweetheart who makes all things sweet in my life. I’m saying good night from the heart of love.

14.Your heart is the only better place I know in the world. Forever, I’ll be your inhabitant.

15.Sweety, I’ve seen it all except the magnitude of the love I feel for you have I seen in someone else. I’ll always love you specially.

16.I’ll build you a home in my heart; you need not to find a shelter elsewhere. For in me is your shelter of love.

17.The way you shy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I love everything about you.

18.When I wake up, I just want to see your face as a mother longs to see the face of her baby for the first time.

19.Your kisses take the cold away, your words fade the pain away. I’ll love you till the end of eternity.

20.I love you as fishes, the aquarium. I cherish you like the plant, its root. I’m in awe of you, my darling.

21.Having to spend my day with you every day is the best pleasure I could ever have. Sleep well, Dear.

22.Sweetheart, close your eyes and sleep like a baby without worries and concerns. I got you covered, good night!

23.Hello Darling, sending you this text is a way of ushering you to bed and helping you sleep well. Sleep well for me, Darling.

24.May sweetness and pleasantness fill your dreams and rest fill your body. It’s another night again, enjoy it.

25.It takes hard work to be a woman and a great lover like you. Thank you for working hard all the time. Have a night’s rest, Darling.

26.My desire for your presence around me is highly intense than ever. The only possibility is loving you more.

27.The whole of me recognises your presence, even when I’m asleep I can still feel you near me.

28.My love has no standard; the way you love me is the only way I want to be loved. You alone can love me aright.

29.I’ll never forget the day you wiped my tears away. It was as though, heaven instantly smiled at me.

30.Do not despise my kisses, do not resent my love, for they are pure and true. Taste and see, my darling.

31.Do not send me out of your heart else, I’d be left stranded. For it is the only home my love knows.

32.I could stay awake and talk with you until the day dawns. But my love for you has to let me release you for sleep.

33.May you sleep well tonight and may tomorrow where you are headed bring you bright hope. Have a cheerful dream.

34.I’ll make a larger home in my heart for the two of us to dwell till infinity and beyond.

35.The word enchanting was derived when a wordsmith looked into your eyes and was trapped for life.

36.I loved you once and I’ll always love you till forever. My feeling for you is eternal.

37.Give your ears to me, my darling. Pay attention to the words my heart speaks through my lips for they are true and genuine.

38.I need you more than the plants need the sun. Take my hand with you wherever you go, my darling. Seat me well at the core of your heart.

39.You’re the most special woman on earth to me. I’ll love yoFthaku till my heart starts to drip of your love, my darling.

40.For you, I’ll write the best poem. Out of the abundance of my heart, I’ll sing the sweetest melody of the angels.

41.You inspire me, my darling. May the children of our love that are yet to come grace this world we’re creating out of passion.